NAO Gaming using hacks to win?

Cbjj. Nice hacks in WSG bro. Lag from one side of the map to the other multiple times. 30 reports against ya. GL.
Pretty sure he was just in stag form.

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see."
Stag form doesn't allow you to run in place, unable to to take damage, then appear cross map on the ramp leading into your own base.

I sit at 45-50 ms home and world, so no. It wasn't me lagging.
lag hack macro
Nice name drop. People need to realize that NAO Gaming has been sold, and is no different than any random guild out there.
uhh, you mad.. bro?
So 30 reports is it? Interesting how mad you become from someone lagging in a Random battleground, not even rated. You won't even post from your main account? Lawl.
Sick double post, I take it he's not the only one who's mad.

Even the best guilds have to fall at some point qt! Take a look around, you're in good company.

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