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I've managed to fight off everything thrown at me, with slight ease since I've started the Brawler's Guild. There is nothing on the internet about this fight yet, and was hoping someone with experience would know what to do. I just can't seem to beat it. Also willing to help you guys with any other boss fights up to that one.
Positioning is hard, but you have to use the rockets against them. The rockets from the Goblin will damage the Gnome and since they share health, it helps you meet the DPS requirement.

Grats on making it that far!
@Coletta is correct here! I'm on the same part right now, and was 190k short of the enrage and ended up being on the wrong side of the room. I wasn't even close to killing it before, but when I started stacking on the person who wasn't immune to damage, it became a lot easier. Good luck!
Here's a hint....

The rocket barrage DAMAGES the npc's. Stand close to the one who death rays while barrage is going off.

On a side note : This damn Dark Summoner fight sucks as melee.
how do you get them to get hit by barrage if they don't move?
Stand on top of Bo?
but it shoots them randomly around the arena, not ontop of me?
11/28/2012 01:23 PMPosted by Momentum
but it shoots them randomly around the arena, not ontop of me?

It shoots about half of them directly on top of you.
Before one of them split off for the shield, I was hitting both with the rockets and had 'em about 1/3rd dead within ~20 seconds.
=/ ive never had one land on me until the shield phase and it was landing on the shield. luck i guess?
Most of the missiles should be tracking you. If you're moving and jumping around a lot, it might be hard to notice, but they do follow you.
I'm currently on this fight and it is a PITA. I've tried letting the bombs hit each other and I end up going splat. I haven't seen sub 50%. Annoying.
Our statistics for GG Engineering: 26 - 2
11/28/2012 02:18 PMPosted by Sajakain
Our statistics for GG Engineering: 26 - 2

I love the stats guy <3
57-5 here.

Ixx and Millie Watt are tied for the most kills at 68 though. I didn't think millie was that hard... I can see at least 1 kill for everyone who tried her as a tank, but come on.
Got him.

Had to go Prot....
Guessing these last four will require Prot. Even the Dark Summoner puts out a @#$&@#$&@#%$^&@%$^@#$^@#^ ^!#$Q264 of damage in my DPS spec.

Yet I see a BDK do this with his eyes closed.... /ugh.
Our stats: Bruce: 100 - 234

I have coined a new phrase.

Baddies are now Brucers. Enjoy =)
GG engineers are very, very difficult, but they are doable.

I tried numberous strategies, and found the best was actually to do the fight as resto.

I kept myself alive and stacked on the engineer that was in the open at all times, they basically killed each other! Bit hard to do with enrage timer, had to kitty a little bit, but its a suggestion.
Stuck on him too, Tried everything.. Still getting 1 shot from him.. the max I've gotten them down to is 1.5K.. then enrage, Very hard.
Got to sub 10% . Fight is defintely a pain. More of a survival fight then dps check.

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