I decree we start P.D.A.S.N. People for the Defense Against Shaman Nerfs. Fellow shamans! We must rise up and defend ourselves and our shamanistic ways. The first thing we must do is target ALL mages. They must burn from our lava bursts and lava lashes. Ghostcrawler must know what he is doing to us. And for what he has done ALL mages shall pay. Join me brethren. Join me in creating a movement to put shamans back in the zone for pvp. Together we can do this. Team with each other and make mages your primary target. Thank you for your time And spread the word. P.D.A.S.N!
I think for people that have been playing Elemental Shaman for years...well they are just getting tired and frustrated.

Tired of patch after patch what seems to be a poor understanding of DPS Shaman.

I really think this "we don't balance 1v1' is just a BS excuse to be honest. I also believe that since they dropped support for 2v2 the PVP balance has gone downhill.

I really don't understand why PVP balance doesn't take place during xpac Beta.

It feels like i'm playing a game that is run by a hobbyist (GC), he tweaks and changes things over long periods of time to his satisfaction - i'm paying for 'right now' not 'maybe down the road your class will get the changes it needs''.

I'm not prepared to role another class, set in my ways (maybe age, i'm 50+).

I have over 500,000 HK's (yeah I love the BG's;)) figured I'd give up the game once I hit 1 million but I'm really getting tired of these changes.

I think if I don't see decent changes coming in the next month I will pack it in - there are other games although I would miss the BG's.

If I do un sub it's out of principle and frustration (that tweet by GC... almost a sub ender for me).

My thoughts anyway....
Has a blue replied to anything us shamans have had to say... like a !@#$ get used to it or a we hear your complaints and were listening or even a usual BS we passed it along to our quality assurance team... ANYTHING do you guys care I would like to know if I can stop paying for your game or this is all a big joke and your gonna be like HAHA guys JUST KIDDING!
...@malxatra...what? haha. @havenite its gotta get better don't you think? they cant keep goin on beating us down.

there is....but some hope? maybe all is not lost...thank you sir
11/29/2012 12:05 AMPosted by Shamau
they cant keep goin on beating us down.

Yes They can. And they will. Shamans are dead except for resto which in my opinion is only holding on because of our strong healing otherwise say goodbye to shamans.
yea... I am rerolling warlock, no one even wants to play with an enh shaman..

Cant find arena, cant find rbg, ....smh

Knowing Blizzard, or at least knowing GC. Patch 5.2 will pretty much read something like this.


-The ability to drop totems while silence has been reinstated. <-- YAY

-Ascendance now lasts .05 seconds (Was 15 seconds)

-All totems now have 16 minute cooldowns.

-The Shaman class name has now been renamed to Derp

-Players who play the Derp class are now on a 2 week ban due to us thinking the new class is too strong.

-Deal with it


-Frost Bomb damage increased by 40%

-Deep Freeze now has no Cooldown, and no diminishing returns. Does not require a nova anymore.

-Ice Barrier absorb amount increased 200%.

-Pyroblast damage reduced by 1%

Then all the mages will complain about how the 1% damage reduction is gamebreaking and it will get reverted....Just like the mage nerfs that were supposed to happen in 5.1
11/29/2012 12:05 AMPosted by Shamau
...@malxatra...what? haha. @havenite its gotta get better don't you think? they cant keep goin on beating us down.

You must be new to Shaman class? they have been beating us down for years - looks @ the nerfs we were hit with in Cata because of resto. - Tremor nerf, hex nerf, grounding nerf - fuk it.
11/29/2012 02:06 AMPosted by Wobbledeewop
Knowing Blizzard, or at least knowing GC. Patch 5.2 will pretty much read something like this.

Ascendance receives a new icon.
Face it...this is Genocide on Blizzards part of us Shamans....Where is Nato, the United Nations?...and yes Luxx the new icon will be a fist in the air showing 1 finger....

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