BOTS=cancelled sub.

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I opened numerous tickets, many before me pleaded on the forums to stop the bots in low level PVP ( which is the only thing I remotely enjoyed anymore)

But you, Blizzard, did nothing.

So I am voting with my feet. Sub will run out 28-Dec.

Way to run the game into the ground, but after 8 years you really are beating a dead horse at this point. This game is old and tired.

I suppose it was your game to ruin and what a pathetic spectacle it is now with PVP battle grounds such as Isle on Conquest comprising of 50-75% players botting. Go to Youtube and watch other BGS with every single other player being a bot. What a joke WOW has become.

Thanks for the fun times, sorry it ended like this.
Last time there was alot of bots I remember that some of the top ranked arena players ended up getting perma banned.

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