Affliction warlock stat weight questions

So I am trying to help out a friend who I raid with in terms of learning affliction, the first roadblock I have run into with this is stat weights and haste caps and what not...

I have looked at numerous sites ( noxxic, wow-heroes, askmrrobot ) and every single one had different stat weights, some are saying cap hit some are saying don't at least not at the sacrifice of haste or mastery. some are saying mastery above haste no matter what because the extra ticks from the 4717 haste cap is not all that important some are saying that it should go haste cap > mastery > anything after haste cap > crit

all in all I can not really see any specific call on what is the best course of action regarding this, I am sure some of it, especially with the hit cap is semi preferential kind of like for me as a blood dk trying to cap hit and exp with mastery rather than avoidance but all in all there has to be some kind of backing to what is right and should be done to maximize dps for afflic..

any input would be greatly appreciated and if you could possibly point out where you learned what was going to work best wether it just be trial and error, a website or what not I would appreciate that as well. Thank you!
I created the stat weights on Ask Mr. Robot for affliction (and I'm playing a lock in MoP as well).

The short answer: I created the stat weights using SimC to run simulations and our own program to calculate the weights based on the results.

Our site has two different presets that users can pick from: one is Hit > Mastery > Haste, on is Mastery > Haste > Hit.

In all my tests, mastery gives a little bit more damage than haste (but not a TON more). Regarding the hit cap, you can do more damage if you prioritize mastery and haste above hit, but it is more difficult to execute, since you have to react to a significant number of misses. That is why we also provide a hit-capped strategy: many people just prefer playing at the cap. Pandemic allows you to play under the hit cap and still keep a 100% uptime on your DoTs, since you don't (and really shouldn't) be refreshing them right when they are going to expire.

There is no significant haste breakpoint/threshold for any warlock. I wrote a little bit regarding this on our forums:

There was also a recent blog post about this on binkenstein's blog that used somewhat different reasoning, but came to the same conclusion: haste thresholds don't matter for affliction warlocks.
My very general rule of thumb has been Mastery > Haste >= Hit (15%) > Crit. That's just my personal preference though. I usually will reforge crit into hit if the item already has mastery, and then leave Haste and Mastery alone. My preference has been to keep miss chances around 3-5%. It seems when I go over 5% miss things get too chaotic, especially in fights when you're throwing out SB:SS a lot (3 dots at once, each with a chance to miss).

There are exceptions though. For example I had a CoEx miss a courage once on H-Will and it was not pretty and the tank was obviously not happy. So I'll usually reforge a lot of hit for a fight like that where missing is not an option
Why wouldn't you want to always be hit capped? It's always seemed like a necessity.
Wow thank you so much both of you for your input, I am reading your post on your forums now and I am very thankful to hear from the creator of the stat weights on askmrrobot your reasoning behind them, that helps me a ton!

and thank you very much as well Blinks for your input, hearing the pros and cons of hit% and at what point it feels to begin to be to much will really help me and having both your posts as reference when talking with my lock friend I believe will be extremely helpful material.

Thank you very much both of you, just curious ontop of all this.. i know rogues have a site like shadowcraft that is 100% rogue nothing else do locks have any true really sturdy reference sites, sadly elitst jerks has no specific topics for each spec and what not so trying to find information that is backed by many rather than just a site that puts it up and you aren't sure of the reasoning for their numbers or priorities can be difficult.

Once again I appreciate both of your responses and will be sure to bring them up :D
11/29/2012 12:39 PMPosted by Bazuul
Why wouldn't you want to always be hit capped? It's always seemed like a necessity.

From my understanding it's because of the nature of the spec. We don't deal much direct damage instead it's dots and channeling.

A dot stays for a while and with Pandemic the maximum uptime is 1.5x that of what your tooltip will say. This way if you miss refreshing a dot then the only thing you've done is waste a GCD.

With our channels it's easy to see when you miss and you can just hit the button again. Again, the only negative thing is a little less time channeling.

However, missing with a Haunt is a serious blow. That's why I personally keep my hit around 14%.

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