42k self buffed as Afflic, halp

So I normally raid Destro and I do pretty good in our 10M. The only one above me usually is our mage or warrior who are both higher ilvl than me so I'm cool with that.

Anyway I know that Affliction is supposed to be the highest DPS spec we have and finally decided to tinker with it. I reforged my gear for as much haste as I could get without losing hit etc. I realize I'm missing enchants and whatnot, so just critique based on what I have.

So on the dummmy I go:

Refresh UA and Corruption after UA cast
Haunt(assuming the first one is worn off now)
Refresh UA and Agony this time
Begin MG spamming and stopping to cast Haunts whenever proc comes up. I don't wait for MG to finish I break channels early and get Haunt on.
Keep dots up with refreshing.
Pop DS if I see some trinket action going, refresh all DoTs while DS and procs are up and go back to normal rotation.

Can't get over 42k, what am I doing wrong? Just the gear? Am I timing something wrong?

Thanks for looking.
Oh, the infamous troll asking a question? Lol
You mean what should you do besides enchanting your gear and disposing of that healing trinket?
11/29/2012 09:21 AMPosted by Vreivai
You mean what should you do besides enchanting your gear and disposing of that healing trinket?

You have no idea how desperate I was for a new trinket. Weeks of heroics and neither of the blue ones would drop. DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!

Thankfully I have a Darkfare waiting in my bags.

The problem is, even without enchants is that Affliction should be pulling higher numbers regardless than I am as Destro.

I can get up to 44-45k on a dummy with Destro, Affliction should be doing more.
Affliction does a lot more execution damage than destro, you can't test that on a dummy.

Destro is actually a lot better compared to affliction at lower gear than in T14 HM gear, so the two specs are closer in max DPS than you think they are for your gear.

You are probably better at destro than affliction, so your destro will do more damage than your affliction based purely on practice and knowledge. It's not like Destro is absurdly lower than affliction to the point where an average affliction player could beat a good destro player.

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