PvP Guild Recruiting Experienced Players.

Absolute Chaos is looking for more active & experienced PvPers. We have an active dedicated core group that we are hoping to expand.

What we do-
- Daily RBG groups led by experienced players.
- We have an active arena environment, whether for points or rating.
- Premade Random BG groups. If you need honor or enjoy stomping on people, there are plenty of people to spare you from bad pugs.
- Word PVP! We have a Monday night world pvp group as well as random smaller group that pop up throughout the week.

What we want-
-Experienced players with a minimum of 1600 exp in RBGs or Arenas.
-Prefer people interested in RBGs currently have at least a 1650 cr.
-People who know their class/rolls thoroughly and have the ability to think for themselves.
- Vocal people w/ skype and a working mic.

We have recently cleaned out our guild roster in order to create a more dedicated/serious pvp guild. We are looking for experienced players to add to our current roster. We are currently in need of healers and a few Warlocks, but are welcoming all experience players.

12/6/12- We NEED a good Shammy Druid & a Lock. Badly.

For more info send in game mail to Xeror or pst. Thanks!
Still need heals!! (no priests)
12/02/2012 09:10 PMPosted by Xeror
I think we are set on Hpallys. We could use a few resto druids and shammys. Still need a few locks as well.
& bump
2k Spriest, tried reaching you in game, even tried sending you an in-game mail but had no money to send it. I was unavailable when MoP started hence the no T1 Weapon and just hit 90 last week. Needless to say, I’ve been grinding out my dread gear and have almost all of it upgraded.
I’m looking for a RBG/PVP guild if yall have any interest in a exp. Spriest. The group I used to run with no longer plays WoW so, I’m on the hunt for likeminded people.
Do you guys happen to need a war?

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