What spec should I level?

Decided to start playing again, so I'm wondering if Sub is good for leveling? I always preferred sub over the other specs, but just wanted some input on it since I Rogues seem to be lacking dmg outside of SV. Would really appreciate the help!

Won't recommend sub at all, positioning can be uncomfortable during leveling and mobs have quite a bit of HP, so it isn't like 1-80 where you could probably 2 shot every mob.

Combat or Assassination, I think the latter wins out though.
Positioning is kinda moot, though. Sub rogues don't need to use Backstab while leveling; they learn Hemorrhage at level 10, and that can be used as their main combo point builder outside of dungeons. (Technically it does lower DPS, but it's not massively lower, and DPS doesn't mean a whole lot when you're leveling.)

Bottom line is that any spec is totally fine. It's more a playstyle question than a "which does better" question. See the sticky at the top of this forum: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1083749119
Thank you guys very much for the replies & help!
For me i just stopped by the AH, picke up an ilvl 450 fist weapon, cashed in my legendaries and went combat. 85-88ish flew by since the weapon damage was out of control. After that it becomes a struggle. Personally for leveling i do like combat + leeching.

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