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Guild Recruitment
Had some hurdles with MOP, rejoining my HDS Guild in November which decided to stop raiding last week.
I am now looking for a new 10m group (multiple 10s or a 10m in a 25 guild are fine with me). I postponed MOP raiding while searching for a new guild in October.

Notes of interest about me..
• I play all specs (better geared for Combat, prefer Mut and Sub)
• My raid history > my current prog (WOL and epeen links below)
• Spent several weeks on Beta running Heart and Terrace
• 4+ years raid experience with a calm attitude (have all previous tier raid achievements)
• Team player, I prioritize boss kills > loot
• 11/16 normal -guild did not do any H pulls when I returned
• Finished T13 with previous guild March 12th, earning 17th US for the 1-2 night 10m bracket (180th US overall 10m)
• Addon author of Masque: Renaitre with over 300k downloads on Curse. I also created the "Flare" texture for OmniCC.

What I'm looking for in your guild..
• Adult atmosphere (be mature under pressure)
• Guild with similar raid history (10% Savior)
• Pvp server
• EST/CST datacenter
• Active guild outside of raiding (alts, rbgs, bgs, etc)

bNet tags > rID

Personal old content logs and LFRs (Many hall of fame ranks)
• http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/30187/rankings/players/
Previous Guild logs (Snozzberry Juice)
• http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/102151/rankings/players/
GuildOx Total Boss Kills (#1 on server)
• http://www.guildox.com/go/g.asp?a=15&r=Burning%20Blade-us&w=
Raidbots EpeenBots (most notably HDS, when I was most active)
• http://raidbots.com/epeenbot/us/burning%20blade/renaitre/
We're currently in need of a Rogue to fill our roster. We have a very friendly and experienced player base and provide a laid back, but professional raid environment.

We're looking to start on Heroic Stone Guard tonight.

If interested feel free to contact me in game via BattleTag(Cojo2929#1199) or send me a tell on this toon.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Here's our spam

Elysium is currently recruiting for our core 10man raid team. We offer a laid back, professional raiding environment with a very friendly player base. If you want to be a part of a guild who has a bright and successful future ahead, you should not look past us, but rather take advantage of this opportunity.

All raid spots are competitive - throw in an application if you feel you can compete with our roster.

What We're Looking For: (Looking for a melee dps)

High Priority

Our current progression is 6/6 Mogu'shan Vaults and 2/6 Heart of Fear.

Located on Area 52[EST](High Pop)

We raid Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 9pm - 1am EST
Please be able to make all of these times!!

If you are interested in joining or have any questions contact myself in game via whisper or mail. If you'd rather just put in an application on our website(below), please do so. If for some reason you cant get a hold of me, please give me a way to contact you and i will as soon as possible.

My BattleTag is Cojo2929#1199

Elysium52.wowstead.com is our website

About Our Guild

Elysium is a collection of like-minded individuals set on exploring endgame content in World of Warcraft. We try our best to combine very high standards of play with a pleasant raid environment and a guild structure that allows our players to maintain commitment to the game as well as real life. We consider ourselves Semi-Hardcore because off our casual schedule; 3 days a week with a total of 12 hours in raid. Don't be fooled, we take raiding seriously and are very dedicated. Everyone that comes to a raid with us should be prepared to put effort into doing well.

We are looking for dedicated and reliable individuals who aren't afraid to commit to the guild. This means you come to our raid prepared and do whats necessary on off days to help the guild as a whole via farming or whatever it may be. If you are a person who doesn't enchant gear, work for upgrades, use consumables, min/max on fights, or you complain about respec/repair costs or anything of the sort we aren't the guild for you, please don't apply.

We know our classes to a T and expect the same from all applicants. We have experience and knowledge of all classes and raid roles. Knowing the roles of the individuals around you is just as important of knowing your own role.

All applicants should be aware of this coming in. We know there will always be a learning curve, but players that put a halt on our progression on a consistent basis will be replaced on progression fights by someone who will not halt our progression. We recruit with the idea that raid spots are competitive. New/prospective members will have the opportunity to earn a raiding spot over anyone who is currently a raider in our core group regardless of class or seniority. This ensures our raiders continuously perform at a level that is their best, yet still provide motivation and hope to new members. We believe outstanding effort and game play should be rewarded.
Thanks, still looking around..

What I'm looking for in your guild..
• Adult atmosphere (be mature under pressure)
• Guild with similar raid experience (10% Savior)
• Pvp server
• EST/CST datacenter
• Active guild outside of raiding (alts, rbgs, etc)

- Yep
- The majority of our raiders have several server firsts during Cata and have raided in top US 100 guilds
- US Lightning's Blade (PvP)
- Chicago datacenter
- Everyday

Here's our spam:

<Mythic> is a progression oriented guild on Lightning's Blade. We are currently 16/16N and 2/16H. If you are looking for a friendly but competitive environment while being able to push content and maintain a focused goal, Mythic is the guild for you.
Our guild was formed with a core of 6 people and are currently looking to find the perfect member for our guild. If you are a reliable, competitive raider who is ambitious and determined to be the very best of your respective role, then you'll fit in perfectly in <Mythic>.
We are currently recruiting for core raiding spots in MoP. During progression we raid Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 8-11:30 PM EST. While it may seem we have high standards for such a less-progressed guild, we do feel like one player can break a raid all-together in 10man scenarios, which is why we are confident in rising to a top 100 US guild once our roster is complete, our current core prides themselves on competing with the very best of their classes and coming out on top. All of us have experience in end-game content. Some achievements accomplished by our individual members are the following:
US 31st H:Rag
Realm First Ragnaros
Realm First Nefarian
Realm First Sinestra
Realm First Cho'gall.

It should also be noted that the majority of our progression so far has been done with either a pug from trade or a friends alt. We are just looking for one more skilled player to complete our roster to start the harder heroics. If you are interested, visit our website at www.mythiclb.com or you can contact me on battletag at Dev#1763

Very interested in this application, I look forward to hearing from you.

We would love to speak with you and see if we are a good fit for one another at Realid: meganin1987@yahoo.com

*We are 2/6H and 3/6N w/10% wipes on Wind Lord


<Livid> (lv25) was formed by 6 members and officers of a US 367 guild late in the cataclysm expansion. We founded <Livid> because we felt as though our old guild was becoming too casual and we were looking to maintain and expand upon our hardcore raiding beliefs. We are proud to have obtained 3 Server-Firsts during MoP Launch and wish to continue pushing raiding progression throughout this expansion.
Weekly Guild Activities: Each week we have an Alt raid on Saturdays at normal raid time. We also have a Rated Battleground group that runs earlier in the day on Saturday. We have several inter-guild 2s, 3s, and 5s teams as well that go at various times. If you are a talented PVPer or enjoy raiding on an alt, we have activities for you! We also do challenge modes on Friday evenings when there is enough interest by guildees.

About us: We offer a mature raiding environment, with officers that have plenty of real life and in game leadership experience. We believe in pushing players to be the best they possibly can be without demoralizing them or putting them down. Min/Maxing is not an option for <Livid> players, but rather a norm. Attendance to raids is mandatory and non-negotiable. We use mumble exclusively because of the small benefit it provides in real world speech lag (it’s faster than Ventrilo).
Raid Schedule: Tue/Wed/Thur. Raid Times are: 6:00 Server – 9:00 Server. With invites going out at 5:45 Server (server is on Pacific Time).
Our Raid Times in Other Time Zones:
7-10pm MST
8-11pm CST
9-Midnight EST

Our Server: Velen is a medium population PVE server with slightly more Alliance than horde (60/40). The economy is strong and AH prices are quite reasonable. Velen is in the New York Datacenter.

Loot System: Loot Council with each raider getting a vote on who gets loot. The GMs make final decisions should there be a tie vote.This system has been a drama free loot system thus far.

Expectations of All Raiders: Must have an exceptional understanding of your class and spec. Flawless raid attendance; raiding must be a top priority for you. We expect correct gemming, glyphing, speccing and reforging as well as the proper addons to manage your DPS/HPS/Uptimes, etc. We also require that your main raiding toon have leveled professions that are non- gathering professions. Pre-potting is expected on any boss encounter. Lastly, we require you have a stable internet connection and a computer capable of easily running World of Warcraft. We are an 18+ guild, prefer 25+. We do not allow trolling in trade chat or on the realm forums of any kind.

What we Provide to Raiders: Feasts are Free (You MUST level cooking in your main area pre-5.1 patch drop) Guild Repairs are provided and we provide potions and flasks when we can. We also provide all Enchants and have ALL MOP Enchants unlocked. Extra guild bank funds are used to purchase BOE weapons for raiders. Anything we can do with guild bank funds to improve our raid team is done.

How To Apply:
If you would like to ask any questions or want any more information, please do not hesitate to contact our lead recruitment officer and co-GM, Paticakes, in Game- Real Id: MeganIn1987@yahoo.com or MoP Beta/Diablo Battletag: Paticakes#1823
Please visit our website and click on “Raid Application” at the top to fill out an application.
Guild Website (for info and to Apply!): www.lividgamers.enjin.com
Thanks, will check out your sites this evening..
Just wanted to update you. Elysium is now 1/6H MSV
I hope you consider better guilds... cuz the ones ur getting are terrible atm =\
We are in need of dps and we have no rogues so very interrested in you for our 10 man, plz contact me Tryx#1827
Margaritaville (9/16) is currently recruiting talented DPS.

We are a group of hardcore-minded players raiding on a casual schedule. We raid 10-man on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:15-11:45 PM, and occasionally on Mondays to clean up.

We may only raid twice a week, but when we get in to raid we take a very serious approach and get things done. Our goal for this tier is to clear 16/16 H, never straying too far behind the progression curve, while maintaining our lighter schedule.

If you're interested in serious progression on a lighter schedule, I'd love to chat:

Battle Tag - loonpok#1835 (GM), kevoh#1574 (Raid Lead), superbad#1835 (Recruitment Officer)
Google Talk & Email - nslooney@gmail.com (best during work hours)

Apply at: http://margaritaville.wowstead.com
Thanks for all your posts

..but yeah, still looking
..also not considering faction changing unless the circumstances are amazing.
..online and available for LFRs or Mumble interviews
tls.wowstead.com johann_shockency@yahoo.com

We are always recruiting high end players that, back up their experience with their performance. I would enjoy hearing back from you via real id or feel free to just throw up and application.

<The Late Shift> We are currently 4/6heroic MV 16/16 normal 25m, We are ranked top 250 World 25m.

We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs from 11:45pm-3:30am EST.

If you are interested, please contact me via realID at johann_shockency@yahoo.com, or post an application at tls.wowstead.com.

Good luck, hope to hear from you soon!
Thank you, really prefer 10m though..
Hi. I know you prefer 10-man, but I'd love to talk to you about our 25-man.

We're currently 3/16H with Elite Protectors down. Our progression has stepped itself back a bit with the recent holidays, but we plan on killing Heroic Elegon this week.

If you feel you'd be a good fit contact me via realid. wowmail12943@gmail.com
Thanks for posting, still looking for 10 though..
Misery has very high expectations of itself and of its members. We are have been raiding on arygos since 2008. Please keep in mind that Misery is a raiding guild that wants to compete with the best guilds at a higher level, which means we want you to be at your best 100% of the time. We expect everyone to always come prepared with the best of the best consumables, taking the initiative to research any changes made to your class, optimizing your spec/gear/gem choices and most importantly the encounters we are currently working on.

<Misery> raids from 7:00 to 11:00 on Arygos, an Est server. Raids are TUESDAY through THURSDAY.

Our current progression:

Mogu'shan Vaults:

1/6 Heroic

Heart of Fear:

4/6 Normal

These classes are what we are currently looking for:

***All classes/specs are basically open for recruitment right now. All of our current members spots are open for competition. If your class/spec is not listed below but you feel like you are good and are willing to compete for a spot against our full members please apply. We do not pick our raid spots based on seniority or popularity, it comes down to skill and who can help us kill bosses more efficiently***



~ We are always looking for exceptional Tanks. If you feel you are an exceptional Tank (no matter what class) please submit an application.



~ 1 Death Knight ~ 1 Rogue


~ 1 Lock ~ 1 Boomkin ~ 1 Hunter


~ 1 Disc Priest ~ 1 Resto Shaman ~ 1 Holy Paladin

~ We are always looking for an exceptional Healer to complete our healing roster. If you feel you are an exceptional Healer (no matter what class), feel free to submit an application. Don't be alarmed if you armory our guild and see several of your class. We are probably recruiting to replace failures which is why your classes recruitment has been opened. What we are looking for is a person that can do the following:

~ Can raid at least 3 nights a week! ~ Can raid 4 hours a night! ~ Doesn't die in AOE! ~ Can press buttons in a timely manner! ~ Can have 100% attendance! That means actually showing up! APPLY HERE AT THIS SITE: www.miseryguild.com burgessfactor@yahoo.com
Hey Ren, if your currently online. Add indieqt#1199 to your Real ID battle tag, would love to have a chat with you.
Was nice chatting with you Indieqt. Still looking..

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