The Nerf to ice barrier was huge afterall.

Turns out the nerf to ice barrier was bigger than I first thought. Im seeing my barrier break within a couple of seconds. Im trying work with temporal shield but its basically worthless and smart players dispell it before I can get my HP's back.

-They say it was only 25% but it feels like 45%-55%. I had a hard enough time with Melee Warlocks and S.Priest before the patch, now I feel like lunch. Anyone else feel my pain?

-Maybe if they would have Nerfed Mages in steps I wouldnt be as frustrated, but one big supernerf is excessive.
mages tears....YUM
Now Blizzard has to fix our 30's and 90's talent tree. Ice barrier was the only useful talent and its worthless now.

-Blizzard do you even go to the Mage forums?
11/29/2012 04:01 PMPosted by Unathletic
mages tears....YUM

Oh no Paladin I still merk your class without trying. This post was for Mages, not fish bait hahaha.

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