[H] <Obsidian> (10m 7/16) looking for more!

Obsidian <25> is looking for more to fill open core raid spots!
We're 10 man raiding guild that's 7/16 atm , With raid times @ 8-11pm ST on tues/wed/thus

What we need:
A main tank , with a working mic ( be able to talk to the raid!) non pally
A Resto Shammy or Holy Pally with DPS OS ( looking for someone thats skilled in both spec, being that you'll have to play both)
And a DPS ( looking for a skilled hunter, mage & melee - non pally rogue)
please be 470+ ilvl

What we're looking to get out of new raiders:
Be on time! If you're late let people know, remember you'll be wasting time of all your other guildies .
Be able to play any spec of your class to it's fullest! Some times diff specs are better for some boss fights.
Have a chill attitude. Don't need people freaking out over a game, we like to joke around and kill bosses , that's fun to us

If you wanna know more post here, msg "enng" in game or check out our site http://obsidiankj.wowstead.com/
ty .
Too bad you want a non pally tank. I am still looking for a raid team and looks like the search continues!!
BUMP, Need a replacement DPS
I'm 476 Feral/Guardian. This schedule sounds OK to me.

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