Why did your Pandaren join the Horde?

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Hello all, im having much trouble building some backstory as to why my Pandaren joined the Horde, I find myself having trouble justifying it. During my time in Pandaria I find myself pretty discouraged, and kinda regretting my decision.

The idea of conquering Pandaria for the Horde, stealing ancient artifacts to obliterate more Alliance, and crushing any and all who oppose just doesnt sit well with my Pandaren. I dont like what the Horde have done to Krasarang Wilds, especially the Goblins with the oil rigs. I dont like Garrosh's view towards Pandaria or its ancient lore at all, and I cant help but think Pandaren just werent a solid fit for the Horde after all.

So im wondering, why did your Pandaren choose Horde? Do you support their advances in 5.1? Im hoping hearing some of your stories will help put things in perspective for me, and perhaps re-instill that pride I had for the Horde back in the day.
To be fair, Garrosh wasnt included in the brochure when Ji Firepaw was being intrigued by the Horde. Perhaps you can be in lieu with the Darkspear trolls in their displeasure with the current Warchief.
Ling Stonepaw joined the Horde admired Garrosh's strength and the hordes strength.
Garrosh wasn't part of the deal.

Mingdao suddenly found out the hard way that the Horde wasn't what it was cracked up to be, but he will stick with his guns. He is willing to bear with it in hopes that the horde will be better in the end... till then he will try to stay out of military action as much as possible.
I see, so what are the Houjin doing to help better the Horde as of now? Im really hoping we see more of Ji in the coming patches, and perhaps his conflicts with Garrosh. I like the idea of siding with the Trolls, as they see Garrosh in the same light I do, perhaps ill build on that.

Id love to hear more stories of why their Pandaren went red, im interested to see the different view points!
After we removed the thorn in the side of our homeland, the horde warriors redused to attack out of respect for our homeland. The alliance said the horde Tauren were lucky they weren't in chains. That showed me the true nature of the so-called "good guys".
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After we removed the thorn in the side of our homeland, the horde warriors redused to attack out of respect for our homeland. The alliance said the horde Tauren were lucky they weren't in chains. That showed me the true nature of the so-called "good guys".

True nature of an embittered orphan who's home and family were utterly destroyed by the Horde in the second war, and grew up with the raw hatred for the Horde that most humans who suffered through the second war and subsequent rebuilding did.

Not justifying it, just putting why she said it, into context. It's the same for the opposite side with Garrosh not being part of the original plan for red pandas.
I thought that Jo Jo was unfair to leave Ji by himself to lead the Houjin to the Horde, so I decided that I would go with him. Needless to say Orgrimmar was a staggering sight.

Nothing prepared me for Garrosh though, a creature of pure emotion, driven by pride, anger, hatred, I wondered if he felt fear. I certainly did. As just a novice monk he threw those that left with Ji and I into the arena, I fear that if we were not together, we would have fallen.

I had wondered of the honor the Tauren spoke of, the heroes of his Horde. These tales seem a far cry from where they are at I hope to change the Horde from within. Regrettably I must play my part, battle the Alliance, even my own brethren, so as not to incur the wrath of Hellscream, his eyes are upon us... Or so they say.
My pandaren would NEVER have joined the Horde if he'd known that people like Garrosh and Sylvanas were there. I don't think ANYONE would join the Horde if they knew that the leader was a warmongering idiot and that one of his fellow leaders is the LICH QUEEN.
My pandaren initially joined the Horde because she was fascinated by Ji Firepaw and the Huojin, as well as hearing of the Horde's overall strength. She wanted to be part of something bigger, no matter the cost.

It wasn't until a while later she realized how much distaste she had for Garrosh and she didn't belong with the Horde anyway for reasons only known to her, then I faction changed her.
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Lies, libel, blah, blah, blah, etc.

My pandaren joined the Horde because they let her cut loose without having to worry about the balance crap they tried to pound into her head on the Isle. She trained as a monk but could never use chi.

Also because the rest of her Tushui family went Alliance and her Huojin (now-ex)boyfriend was going Horde. That's a dispute that she ended up killing her father over (to be fair, he was rather old) before leaving for Orgrimmar.

She also thinks Ji Firepaw was justified in blowing up the airship and bonded with the stranded orcs and tauren in her last few weeks on the Wandering Isle.

Lastly, she actually likes Garrosh because, as far as she knows, he's an honourable and strong leader who is revered by many orcs.
I joined because Cloudsinger and the other Tushui are arrogant and prideful, honestly she was constantly bullying, mocking or insulting Ji. Ji Firepaw is my best friend and brother as is Korga Strongmane. I gladly joined with the Houjin as they and I see eye to eye on many things.

While I am some what concerned with Hellscream I learned in Stone Talon that he is a good person at heart, I've even seen him show mercy on many occasions. ((In RPs I use a Simpsons style sliding timeline)).

I've seen the harsh actions of the Horde, strip mining, deforestation and more but this is a war. We must act now for to do nothing is the greatest crime of all. Tauren, Undead, Blood Elf, Orc, Troll and Goblin I will stand by all my brothers and sisters in the Horde against a world that would see us destroyed for past crimes real and imagined.
My horde pandaren joined because she wanted to learn other people's, especially the orc's, interpretation of combat, the art of war and such but figured she would not be able to remain neutral for such.

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