[H](SG)Rio Yuzuki GMT+8 4/12N Barthilas

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Rio Yuzuki is a SG/Western Australia time zone guild on Barthilas looking for dedicated and skilled players who look to become part of our core raid group as we not set into hard mode raiding. We are looking for players that understand their class well, open to ideas and ready to listen while still having fun in a nice and friendly environment.

Casuals are also welcome to join the guild! :)

Raid Times +8 GMT
Wednesday 8:30pm - 12:30 (11:30pm - 3:30am ST)
Thursday 8:30pm - 12:30 (11:30pm - 3:30am ST)
Sunday 8:30pm - 12:30 (11:30pm - 3:30am ST)

Recruitment needs

Monk - Heals with optional DPS OS
Hunter- Open
Priest - Closed
Paladin- Holy
Druid- Tank
Shaman- Resto with Ele OS
Death knight- Closed
Warrior - Tank
Rogue - Open
Warlock - Open
Mage- Closed

Please remember we are open for all casuals if you wish to join a open and friendly guild where you may be asked to come raid from time to time to fill spots!

Please message anyone within the guild and ask to speak to an officer in regards to joining Rio Yuzuki on the Barthilas server

If you require to transfer your character please talk with an officer before to know if you reach the requirements.

We are still regularly pugging 2 slots every raid which is currently holding us back from solid progression. If you wish to join a group of skilled players and know your class back to front while maintaining a high attendance please message us.

WoW Progress:
Still looking for healers with DPS OS :)
Need healers urgently!!
Still in need of healers and warlock!!
Need an exceptional healer with DPS OS for HoF Progression. Looking for a exceptional player to fill our last slot for a good raid group!
We are still looking for a core slot healer with DPS OS pref (monk,shammy,druid)!! Pm us in game or drop us your real ID!
Still in need of healer with OS
We have made alot of progress since first post, still looking for solid 10 core which is holding us back. We require strong and dedicated players! Perfect for Perth/SG/Japan timezone players!
Perfect if you are looking for a GMT +8 Guild! :)
Still LF Core dps and casuals! PST us in game if you are dedicated!
Hi, are you guys still open to Dps Warr?

Currently I'm at iLvl 492 - [4/6H MSV; 6/6N HOF; 4/4N TOES] experienced.


Am keen in joining you guys.
Hey mate, we are interested. Please send a whisper when online to me or one of the officers for a chat! :)
Are you guys keen on having a Shadow/Disc priest?
Looking for more keen raiders :)
Still looking for raiders!
We are currently looking for 2 core healers to join us, you must have good awareness and dedicated to knowing your toon and maximizing your potential. Please send a whisper to anyone in guild

i have resto druid (490ilvl) and holypally(484ilvl) if u interested. i have experience in heroic raid in cata. i from MY and ur the time seem good to me.

I just come back to wow 2 month ago and i losing my core spot with my guild.


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