[A] Midnight Crusaders is LFM players/raiders

Midnight Crusaders
Level 25

We just transferred to Cenarius and are looking to expand our ranks in both casual players and raiders alike. We are a friendly guild that likes to have a good time and help each other when needed.

We also would like to fill our 10 man raid team and need all roles. We like to have fun with raiding, but we are also focused. For those that would like to raid, they need to be properly enchanted, gemmed, and reforged. If mats are an issue, we will supply what is needed. Guild repairs are included with raiding and most ranks.

If interested, pst me or Nubrondan. We look forward to seeing you there! ;)

For additional guild information, please visit midnightcrusaders.com. Our website is still being updated from being listed under our previous server.

We are coming along with our recruiting. Currently, we are looking for 1 MT, 1 OT, and 4 dps (spriest preferred at least; full on shamans). We are full on heals atm, but we may have spots in the future if a heals is unavailable for a raid night.

We also welcome casual players who do not wish to raid, but desire a friendly guild to enjoy the expansion while they quest, pvp, or just hang out in guild chat.

Raid times will be Sun, Tues, Wed @ 5pm server time. Any additional raiding will be based on guildies' availability.

Vent is required for raiding; if u are uncomfortable speaking in vent, at least have headphones so that you can listen to raid instructions.

The one addon to have at minimum is Deadly Boss Mods (DBM). This will assist you for boss phase transitions; alerts for raid awareness; etc.

We ask that any player/guildie wanting to raid be raid ready. This means proper gemming, enchanting, reforging, talents, and gear. We will assist you if needed for mats for gemming/enchanting, but you also need to put in the effort to make sure your toon is up to par. Please be able to take constructive criticism from an officer; we are only trying to help you max your toon.

Guild repairs are included with raiding and most guild ranks.

If interested, pst me, Nubrondan, or Lolacutie. If you haven't raided in a while, but are interested in end game content again, just let us know. If you are able to learn, we can more than work with the rest.

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