CONSTANTLY Crashing when Loot Rolls Occur~

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I've seen a few other threads around here, and I didn't copy the last error, but when it happens again, I'll paste it here. (I'd post a dxdiag, but I'm honestly sick of people saying "Your video card isn't supported, we can't help you, even when it's not an issue related to the video card)

Essentially any time there's a boss roll, my game crashes. Says not enough memory.

Heck, anytime there's a loot roll at all, it crashes. It's very discouraging for partying.

Anyone know what's up?
I posted a similar thread, asking if anyone has figured out if there is a fix. No response as of yet. I've been just dealing with the crashes, soon as I crash I load and log on fast as I can. I have no clue how much loot I have missed though. I also been warning people for long trips. No one has booted me from team yet, but I am scared I will get a bad rep from it.

`I am also on here hourly, seeing if there is an update and have had a trouble ticket for a day and a half, still waiting.`
ive had the same issue since patch day. No matter what group, I crash once loot is decided, be it in an instance, in lfr or in a normal raid. Ive tried the cache delete, ive tried with no addons running. Tried whats been recommended in all the similar problems posts to no avail. Also to note it doesnt matter which character I play on, it happens on them all.
Thank goodness am not alone! I have the same problem after ever boss encounter...loot the boss then the game freeze and then error pop up. Worst case is that the screen/game freeze up for over half hour, have to reset the computer manually. This all happened after the the patch. Thanks to this problem I missed out on this week LFR....Blizz please fix!!!
I have noticed something: It seems to only happen if I personally loot the mob.

Is that happening with you guys too?

Maybe I've just been having a lucky streak otherwise.
It doesnt matter who loots for me, once the loot rolls start I begin to crash.
Doesn't matter if I loot or not, soon as the roll pops up I am done for. Sometime it doesn't crash but maybe 1 out of 5 loots.
I as well have been having this issue and to prove that it's not "My" machine, I have tested it on every OS I have from WinXP which is my main, to Win7, Win8, and Linux (just for kicks and giggles). All my machines are defragged once per week on Tuesday while maintenance and patches are applied, so I have a clean system as can be. I even turn off addons, and also delete the cache. Still I get the crash. I have also just installed WoW on windows 8 on Tuesday, so no reason to run repair utility because that was the 1st time I ran it on Tuesday and my first dungeon after 3rd boss bam, crash. Now I did have the show loot roles turned on, and turned that off and still got the crash. And as for drivers and updates, I also run those on Tuesday, what else am I going to do for 8 hrs while servers are down :D
I am experiencing the same issue. Any word on a fix for this issue?

Thank you,
Same problem here, boss loot rolls only.. so far. It makes it impossible to run raids with my guild, I won't hold them up for me to reboot and relog every boss kill.
I am having the same issue as all of you. Seems the crashes and errors happen randomly on dungeons and raids loot. It doesnt happen on all bosses but so far its happened at least one time in each run ive done. Ive seen all the solutions that have been posted and have only deleted both cache folders. Im waiting on a fix before i go through redoing all my add ons or resetting my ui. I saw one of the blues state they thought it was due to a add on, so maybe we should list all of our add ons here and see if we all have one in common. Hoping to find a solution soon cuz this is a pain!!
The only addons I use are:

Pet Theory (not updated, so disabled atm, so that's not it)

None of those affect loot rolls.

I've even disabled all addons, but the issue still occurs.
Anyone figure out a solution yet? :S
Not yet. But if you'd like to post the error so that someone may be able to diagnose it, you can find it as a TXT file in the following directory: <WoW Directory>\Errors\.
For me, it was in "C:\World of Warcraft\Errors".

Just post it inside code tags so that it doesn't make a million lines (the code tag button is the "pre" button where the bold, italic, and underline buttons are.)
I've had this same error. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Works just fine now.
12/03/2012 12:09 AMPosted by Olii
I've had this same error. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Works just fine now.

I've Uninstalled and reinstalled twice, and I still have the issue, you may just be getting lucky. It's not an addon related problem and it is almost always WowClientDB2.cpp but it also sometime M2Shared.cpp.
i am having same issue in randoms heroic's on boss looting it just up's and crash's on me saying idon't have enuff memory as at least i am no tthe only 1 who is having this issue i see and ya start ed after patch too for me and i have update almost all my addons as well as i see they have been updated. i just had it happen 2 in a row crashed i log back on and soon as i get back in crashed again saying same thing.
Unfairly, I cursed my computer!

When you guys say you're crashing on loot rolls is it the loot roll window itself or that box that gives the history of what everyone's won , what they rolled etc etc.
If my diagnosis is correct, the game crashes when the player earns the item and the loot roll window is opened. (boss loot only)

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