<Plan B>★Tank/DPS★Healer/DPS★1/6H 6/6 4/4

We could really use a Healer Pally or Priest with a DPS offspec.

We are Plan B.

We're a recently formed guild, on Korgath. comprised of a core group that has known each other for quite some time. Most of us have been raiding since Vanilla/Early BC, and while we have always been friends, the opportunity for us to raid together never presented itself... Until now.

We decided that the guilds we had been raiding with lately weren't as fulfilling as we had hoped and that one of the possible solutions was to "start from scratch" and form our own guild; thus Plan B was born.

We want to be competitive.

Part of the allure of raiding only 9 hours a week , is that we end up with a lot of extra time for whatever else we have going on in our lives.
However, in order for this to be effective, it is imperative that our members are ready and willing to focus 100% of their energy and effort for every single minute of those 3 hours.
We're not going to act like dictators or anything of the sort from leadership, but it is a demand we feel is easy to fulfill for someone who wants to progress at a steady pace, see all the content the game has to offer and stay competitive with the guilds at our level.

Our schedule

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Monday.
We start invites 15 minutes before raid time.
We want to be starting our first pull at 8:30 Server time.
The Realm is on the CST time zone , which means 8:30 Server time is:

-9:30 EST
-6:30 PST
-7:30 MST

Great attendance is a must. We all understand real life happens, but if you have any doubts about whether or not you can make raids on a consistent basis, then we'd prefer you consider other options.

During our Raids

We cannot over state the importance of being focused for every raid night.
We need to be efficient with our time and like to move quickly.
That's not to say we don't joke around. A lot of the time we even gamble (we promise its legal) during our trash pulls. It's a great way to make easy gold.....
We pay for all of your repairs and the vast majority of enchants and gems and even food buffs, thus, it is your responsibility to bring flasks and potions to raid.

We want You!

We are always considering all exceptional players who feel they fit this criteria.
To apply to Plan B or for more information on what we're about visit:


We look forward to hearing from you.

Just Sha of Fear left...
1/6h 6/6 4/4 now. Still interested and looking for a Disc. Priest or Holy paladin with a solid OS DPS.

Kelgra#1488 or just Kelgra/Aaen in game.
Still lookin' fer that healer. The desire for a OS/DPS is still there, but evaporating. Gear isn't really a matter of importance. Still not too interested in Druids.
Rising in the ranking and still looking for healer with offspec Dps. No Druids allowed!
Looking for a Healer. Pref. Monk/Paladin/Druid
Ideally around 485 iLevel with a bit of experience with the current content.

Simple relaxed Raid schedule, as well as a similar atmosphere in raid and guild.

If you're interested contact me at

Kelgra#1488 or just Kelgra in game.


LF Tank

If you're interested contact.

Kelgra#1488 or just Kelgra in game.


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