Evocative 60/70/80 PVE/Twink Guild

I've decided to create my own twink guild that will be made up of 60's, 70's, 80's. I have been part of many twink guilds most notably <Heralds of Yore> as I was an officer in the guild during it's mulitple times of activity. So here it goes..

All experienced, casual, and skilled players alike are encouraged to apply to be a part of our raiding team as we prepare to take on Vanilla, BC, & WOTLK raiding content.
Our raid times unknown at this time, we'll figure out those when we have more at the proper level(s).

***We now accept cross-realm raiders to bolster our #'s so we can do 25's. But you must follow our rules in order to raid with us.*** Minus the pug rule.

To join our website, please visit: http://evocative.guildlaunch.com/

About the Guild:

Evocative will become a strongly motivated guild that will be clearing content in every expansion and tier of content in Vanilla, BC, & WOTLK. We would like to take pride ourselves on the consistency and stability that will allow us to reach the position we are in today.

About The Server Arthas:

Evocative will resided on Arthas, transfers comment that it is extremely easy to find pick-up groups at all hours, and our vibrant economy means the auction house is always busy. Plus the server is horde dominant!


Loot will be plain and simple, it'll be on master looter and you'll just roll for your items. However legendaries and their items will be pre-determined by a officer loot council if you will.

Obvious Rules:

    You cannot and will not use gear from future expansions in a raid
    You shouldn't PuG raids at all on your main raiding characters while you are apart of the guild, the point is to raid and enjoy content as a guild and that would just kill the point, also it would allow people to build future gear or sets for when we got to that raid
    No pvp or boa gear allowed during raids
    No reforging until ICC/RS in WOTLK content
    For X-realm raids, all Legendary items (fragments & shards) will be going to the guild, as we're hosting the runs. Unless no one needs said items from our guild.


Our recruitment for the Vanilla & BC expansions are at an all time high right now. We'll update on recruitment as we get further along. There are special rules on content however:

    for Pre-BC there will be no dks in raid as we did not have them back during Vanilla
    for BC there will be no DKs/Monks in raid as we didn't have them back during BC
    for Wrath Monks will be the only class not allowed for raiding

These 4 rules only apply to PVE content all classes can join at a certain level cap for PVP reasons.

We might reconsider the classes that are not allowed for certain that are not allowed after all content is cleared for that expansion and is on farm status.

Wrath group needs healers & tanks, especially healers. We will take DPS if you prefer to play one.


We would like to become one of the best if not the best 60, 70, or 80 twink guild in the US. Become a house-hold name if you will, for example like <Heralds of Yore> during BC/WOTLK except to be stable during current content except for releases (obviously b/c ppl will want to see it). Also, for Wrath/Cata we will start out as 10's but once we get a consistent amount of 15-20 people to show every week we would also like to start clearing content on 25 as it is much more challenging than 10.

Wrath Raiding Schedule:
Wednesday - 8PM to 11PM Eastern Time
Sunday - 8PM to 11PM Eastern Time

Thanks for considering Evocative!

Who to contact:

Tankânspank/Akmehd/Myaimsux/ßubbleoseven or via Battletag: (Bevok1395)

I also may be on my 90 Talchealen.

You can also contact people that are online and they can invite you, i'll talk to you whenever I sign on if I miss you initially join the guild.

If you do contact me via battletag, leave a note saying you're interested in the guild or something so I know what you're talking about and just not some random person that accidently requested me.

I'll ask you a couple questions in game but since we're mass recruiting I won't make people have to take a mandatory app on the website just yet.
Very dedicated player and loves what he does. Free bump. =)
12/01/2012 11:28 PMPosted by Retro
Very dedicated player and loves what he does. Free bump. =)


Also, bump.
Updated OP, find me ingame or add via battletag if interested.
Going into our 2nd week we're still recruiting like mad for 60/70 twinks.

Recruiting for 80's being going very well as we have about 7 either leveling or gearing up for Wrath content.
Bump, a lot more interest for our 60 bracket as of late.

Wrath group starts unofficial raiding on Wednesday. Whisper me or add me via battletag if you're interested.
Interested in joining as I just bought the battle chest for $5. Tried adding you via battletag but it kept telling me it didn't exist, than I logged onto your realm and no one was online. :(

Could you perhaps add me? ChrisA#6249
Wrath group had their first unoffical raid last night, cleared out all of T7. Ulduar on Sunday hopefully.
Updated OP, also knocked out 13/14 in Ulduar. Couldn't do Algalon b/c of 1 healer so we knocked out Ony as well.
80's knocked out XT, Council, Kologarn, & Freya HM/Achieves on Wed.

Brings us up to 7/14 HM/Mount Achieves in Uld.

Also 60 has been picking up a lot lately, probably going to start raiding on the 8th.
Knocked out OS3D, Algalon, & TOC tonight. 60's should be starting up next week.
xferign now
80's knocked out Firefighter, Yogg 1 Light then TOGC on Sunday.
60's fully cleared MC & did Razorgore with only 10. LFM for all brackets as usual!
^ 60's knocked out 5/9 in AQ40 last Monday. Looking for more to pass Vael & most likely Twin Emps when we reach them.
Very interested! I'll be in contact soon :D
02/15/2013 04:39 PMPosted by ßooß
Very interested! I'll be in contact soon :D

Awesome. I'll be on tomorrow afternoon just add me (Bevok#1395) or find me in-game.

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