{bug} Quest: They set them up the bomb!

In this quest i have to go up and click on the bomb but there is NO possible way to do that cause the ramp was removed and only people with flying mounts can do so and this is a level 20-25 quest and i can't continue my main quest without it. Please fix this because you can't get the quest without a flying mount and its impossible to use one at this time.
I'm having this problem right now too!! So annoying!
If i remember right you're talking about the mechanical harvesters where the quest finish is above your reach at the top of the ramp around the outside of the devilish things. Two quests are like this. WoWhead input says they are glitched and the devices were released defective.
Blizz hasnt bothered to fix it. I turned in a bug and its nice to see that nothing has happened.
I was afraid my estimation of the time to fix this would be off. They will fix this when the sun exhausts its hydrogen fuel.
Drop the quest and work around it. No choice

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