Alch/Engy or Alch/LW

I'm sure there are a million threads like this but i would just like some opinions. I want to start dipping into the double production game and have my druid alt gather my +S_* for me. I hear Engy for hunters isnt as great as it used to be thanks to Posthaste but it still seems to be up there. I also hear that LW got a decent boost sense I last played (about a year and half ago). Plus i thought it might be 'easier' than having to mine/herb on one toon.

Any other professions I should be considering? JC or maybe enchant? they seem kinda wasted on a hunter to me but idk, like I said, its been awhile.

Thanks in advance for your responses :)

(I know for sure I wanna keep alch i remember the money i've saved by not having to buy flasks/pots all the time)
ps! also i'm not 'super' interested in making a ton of money (although it would be nice) more aimed to be self sufficient :) thanks!
While leveling, especially if you are questing, dual gathering is your best choice. Extra experience and you simply send everything to a bank alt to allow you to focus on leveling. Nothing you do prior to Pandaria is really going to matter at this point.

Once you hit 90, blacksmithing will be the best for stacking PvP Power or haste (is that what you were referring too?). For skilled players, engineering grants you a mini-burst of agility on a 1 min cooldown (320 agility if used on cooldown), same with haste from herbalism (480 on average if used on cooldown). Leatherworking will provide you with cheap leg enchants as well as a cheap agility bracer enchant (320 agility over non-LWs). Alchemy provides double duration flasks and elixirs in addition to the mixology perk.

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