Alchemy Profession Leveling Kit's For Sale

Selling alchemy profession leveling kits on Aman'Thul (alliance). An Alchemy Kit has everything you need to level your character's alchemy profession from 1 to 600 in less than 2 hours. Nothing is more frustrating than not getting that skill up with your last herb and having to spend outrageous amounts on the Auction House or spending the time traveling to some far-away destination in search of that one herb!

I have intentionally supplied more than enough herbs to guarantee you wont have any hiccups with your leveling. However, if RNG really dislikes you, or you experience any issues, I will happily give you the mats for an alchemy specialization of your choice (this excludes mistakes made on your behalf, like not following the directions in the leveling guide)!

I have found the most efficient means of providing this service is by using a guild bank that I own. Players are welcome to join my guild and have a look through all the materials to make sure everything is in order. Once you have paid I will make the guild bank open to your character, spend as long as you like until you have maxed out that alchemy!

I believe 'Tarou's WoW Alchemy Guide' is the most efficient and straightforward leveling guide. You can check it out at
the mats I have supplied are based off the recipes and directions in this guide.

What is included?
* More than the listed materials needed to level from 1 to 600.
* 650 vials to save you making frequent trips to the vendor.
* 4 bags (complimentary) for those that wish to level alchemy on a new character.
* A fast, hassle free leveling process that will save hours of your time (Time is Money Friends!).

Want More?
* For a bit extra, I have the materials for transmutation, elixir and potion specialization. Let me know your specialization of choice and the materials will be deposited into the guild bank immediately.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me in-game, my main character >Piemay< is on frequently.

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