[H] casual raid guild recruiting!

Have room for an 88 pally? I'm going to be transferring here soon, as I have other toons on Tich already, but would like to make this pally my main. :)
Hey there,

We always have room for more folks and are still trying to fill out a few definite spots in our two raid groups. If you think we are a good match, we would be happy to have you.

I dunno about your name though... I mean we are named after a group spunky teenagers who fought against Communist Soviet takeover :-P

But yea, you'd be totally welcome. I am on most nights and weekends for a bit, so find me in game anytime... or if you have any other questions I can answer those here :-)

Hi, are you in need of a Pally tank?

Actually a pally tank would be great! Our current tank has decided to go with his DK tank instead of his pally, and we are in need of a consistent second tank for the weekend raids (maybe the weekday raids as well).

I'd love to chat more if you have any questions about us :-)

Are you recruiting socials?

I've been kind of burned out with PVE and focus mostly on PVP right now.

Ugh sorry didnt realize I was posting on my alt.

My main is Muffindiver on Tich Resto Shaman Goblin.
Hey Walking/Muffin :-)

We are always happy to have another social person join our guild. And we have a number of folks who dabble in PvP and would appreciate someone to do things with if you are interested.

We welcome any player who thinks our guild might be a good fit for them :-)

Let me know if you have any other questions or find me in game!


Hey Shaysu

I have just transferred on to Tich and I will be leveling this rogue. I have a full BOA set so should not take me long to get leveled up.

I too am looking for a friendly atmosphere, I mainly pvp. I like pugging, small groups and I have done rbg's in the past which got a little stressful tbh.

However I do dungeons, scenarios, LFR, dailies etc also.

Not much of a serious raider mainly cos not too confident I can do a good job in there.

I live on the west coast so Tich is a good server for me :)

I'm a friendly, helpful mature player who has played wow since Vanilla.

I have been on but not seen you to chat..I'll try over the weekend.

Hey Whiskey, sorry we keep missing each other. It has been a busy week.

It sounds like we might be a good fit for you. We like to try to group up to do all the thinks you enjoy doing in game, so we'd enjoy having someone else to hang out with while doing dailies, LFR, or other things.

We have a few folks into PvP, they mostly dabble, but a few really love it. We tried an RBG or two once, but it was a bit much for our group at the time, and we don't really have a good PvP leader, but we do have small groups that do random BGs together and a few that do arenas if you are thinking of trying that out.

And while you aren't confident to raid now, maybe being in a group whose main focus is fun and steady progression will help you feel good to give it a try sometime :-)

Anyway, let me know if you have any other questions and I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Lol if I can get signed in :)
Are ya still recruiting I plan on bringing my warlock and this warrior over once they both hit 90. Warlock is 89 as I type this and almost 90. :)
Hello, I was wondering if you are still recruiting? The guild I am in has died out and I am looking to find a new home elsewhere. Looking to transfer and currently shoping around for new realm and guild.
Hey Moldy and Last,

Sorry for the delayed response!

We are certainly still recruiting fun, social folks who like to participate in guild things. Due to some recent recruiting, I think we have filled our weekend 10-man raid group, but we have some interest in starting a second raid group, most likely during the week. So if you were interested in raiding, we'd like to provide everyone that wants to with that opportunity, we just aren't yet sure what that second group my look like yet :-)

However, if you are just looking for a decently active place of fairly nice folks who just enjoy playing, then we would definitely be happy to have you.

Good luck finding guilds and/or realms!!


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