484 Ele Sham LF 10/25m Raiding 7pm+ Weekdays

Let me start by saying that I've raided since early BC and focused on hardcore raiding since the beginning of Wrath, focusing on my Shaman in raids since late Wrath.

Unfortunately the guild I was with decided to stop raiding so I am now in search of a new home.

I work hard to continue gearing and am currently sitting at a 484 item level.
I've cleared Mogu'shan Vaults on normal, downed 4/6 the second day Heart of Fear came out, and downed 3/4 the second day Terrace of Endless Spring came out.

I am competitive in DPS as an Ele Shaman and know hot to use my utilities to best help a raid.

I'm looking for a progression focused, dedicated group of people to join and progress with.
Please get in touch if you are in need of an Ele Shaman for either 10m or 25m raiding and are capable of consistently clearing 6/6 MSV and at least 3/6 HoF.

Thanks, hope to hear from ya soon!
Rageborn needs an Ele shaman!

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