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All my existing blue quality items require VP to upgrade, and I upgraded one of my blue weps which should've cost jp to upgrade but instead used up my vp. Ive put in 3 tickets non of which were any help in fixing my items or refunding my VP for the incorrect upgrade.

Screenshot of one of my items
I just made a post about this as well. Out of the 5 blues I have on my shaman only one used justice. I didnt notice and accidentally upgraded my blue trinket using valor and I would like it returned.
I notice this bug only affected the blues I had at the time of the patch, any new blue items I get get upgraded with jp
my weapon i had pre patch, used justice, but thats it.
Even after a restart and talking to a gm none of my blue pieces are fixed. WTB some help pls.
I'm having the same issue. I have tried literally everything. I have gotten onto my boyfriend's computer and tried my character there, I have reloaded, disabled all addons, took the GM's "suggestion" and deleted my WTF, Cache, and Interface folders, and I've even completely reinstalled WoW. Everything, with no luck! And it's all of my blues that I'm not able to upgrade, even random pieces I've had in my bags. It's almost like it's a bug that's attached specifically to your character?
bump! having the same issue upgrading my gears -_-
Blizzard said they were supposed to fix this a few days ago and yet it is still a bug for a bunch of people like me. If you are not going to fix the problem then at least update us on something that you are actively doing so we feel better and don't have to go around the forums saying blizz customer service sucks....I don't want to see that...Please fix this bug

I have been sitting on 4k honor since patch and I cant stand to see that 4000 in my bag anymore!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy I am not the only one with this...just sent a ticket but yes this is still a problem 6 days after patch! hopefully it gets fixed after Tuesday's reset.
Hey guys, please read my post on a possible solution pertaining to this bug. If my theory works please post it in the thread, thanks!
bump really its been 2-3 weeks? and still no fix gfg blizz
BUMP! ffs
After like 5 tickets or so i was able to get a gm that was able to not give me some generic answer and actually refund the VP i spent on upgrading the staff, as well as them having them mail me another staff which was able to be upgraded with jp.

So i think a possible solution is to ask the gms to 'restore' the items that are bugged by giving you a completely new version of the bugged item.
@kinnal thanks man but the problem is the ticket queue for me its like 1-2 days and i can only log on late night after work >.>
This is straight up being ignored by Blizz. I'm honestly shocked that 3 weeks into the patch, and 5 tickets later, I've received absolutely no encouragement that this will ever get resolved. I keep being told to that it's my UI error...which is just absurd. Blizz please just refund our points and gear so we can continue to keep up with our guilds progression for the game we're paying to play...

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