490 Ele Shaman looking for 25m guild

Currently progressed 4/6hm MSV 4/6 reg HoF 4/4ToES
Looking for a 25m Horde guild that raid Mon-Thurs(anyday combo) 9p-12a EST I can raid Sun also but it's very difficult for me to be on my best game Sundays. Guild cannot be a brand new guild, I'm not interested in a newly formed raid grp. I can be contacted in game or via RID Ariel#1645

Plenty of wol available this just one feel free dig around a bit more happy to link more privately
Currently looking for exceptional players!

If you are looking for a guild with an older flavor and that has been around for over 3 years we may be the home you're looking for.

Aspire is a 25 man Horde raiding guild located on Stormreaver (US).

Raid Schedule:

Our raiding times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 8:30pm - Midnight server (CST).


-Website: http://aspireguild.guildomatic.com/

-Social, Non-Raiding Applicants should register on our website and whisper Laz or Lazslo in-game for an invite.

-ALL Raiders will need to fill out an application!

Applying to us means agreeing and adhering to our policies (which are whatever we say they are at the time) and having a deep and meaningful understanding of the following concepts:

- Humor
- Sarcasm
- Constructive Criticism
- Competitiveness
- Being able to speak English
- Be able to use Mumble with a working microphone

Please apply at http://aspireguild.guildomatic.com/

You can direct any questions to any officer and finally the Guild Master Rockmonster.

Thank you for taking the time to read over this recruitment post and for your consideration of Aspire as the place were you want to further your Internet dragon killing career.
Still Looking on stormreaver trying to find the right fit!
I was in Aspire for one night just wasn't the right fit for me, but thank you for your interest
Still on the market for a fantastic 25m horde guild with similar progression to mine

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