H Pally LF RBG Group 1900+

H Pally 1960 cr LF 1900+ RBG group. PST on Miayaah or Mia.
Lemon Party is a newly formed PvP centric guild on Illidan-US currently recruiting 2000-2200+ RBGers and Arena Players for organized PvP. Building on the past experience of its two leaders, Dlobrown and Tommyv, who have lead RBGs at mmr/cr of 2200+ , our goal is to create an ordered, friendly, and competitive place where players can work together to accomplish group and personal goals.

We’re aiming to start a guild group to RBG weekly ASAP. All recruits will start at trial ranking and earn membership based on performance, ability, experience, and social skills.

If you’re a strong pvp-er with 2000/2200+ arena or RBG experience and are interested in an interview, please add Tommyvern#1299 or Stevebuscemi#1731 on RealID.

Currently recruiting all specs and classes. Special consideration for Tanks and highly skilled DPS/Heals.

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