[A] Looking for more 2k + players for RBGs

Greetings fellow inhabitants of Darkspear!

Are you sick of having to pug RBGs and constantly feel like you are carrying dead weight in your bracket?

Hate that you are forced to play these silly games for conquest cap?

Want to cry now that they added gear upgrades and you are going to have to RBG for many more weeks?

Well I'm here to offer you an opportunity to avoid the grief. If you are a 2200 + player in arena this season but don't have a serious RBG team because you don't have 10 friends consistently online to play with and you don't feel like ddosing people with Dara Mactire, we want you!

Good people of Darkspear, I know you are out there, message me in game if you are a top end player with no reliable RBG crew.

Players we are looking for fit these requirements -

1.) 2200 + in any pvp bracket this season
2.) Multi Glad or recent season glad but started late this season (at least have T1)

Players we are not looking for -
1.) People in Dara Mactire,

(I saw a 2700 warrior who was the biggest garbage can ever, these people exploit ratings and cheat so much its probably safer to assume that any ratings and achievements are not a reflection of skill. I know there are plenty of good legit players in Dara, but hey, its not worth my trouble to dig through the dumpster to find them, sorry.)

2.) Win traders and DDoS'rs in general, if you have no arena ratings but a 2800 hero of the alliance achievement, you can !@#$ off. These people probably wouldn't want to come to my group anyways since they already exploited to new heights, enjoy all your gear as you lose duels and arenas regardless.

If you fit the bill send me a message in game, come %^-*! with me in RBGs!

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