Speed Instances(Lv75-85) 5+ Runs per hour

Hi, I just came back to WoW after about a 2 year hiatus and have been leveling my warrior as a tank to expedite it.

To cut to the chase, I'm looking for a dedicated, competent group behind behind me to consistently run upwards of 5 dungeons an hour.

My current best times(that I'm looking for solid non painful random Q dps to beat) include:
The Nexus - 12:31
Old Kingdom - 12:57
Utgarde Keep - 10:59
Azjol Nerub - 8:59
Drak Tharaon Keep - 10:56
Violet Hold - 14:13 (artifically held back :P)

Tonight/next few days I will be moving into Halls of Stone and Lightning, the Oculus and Utgarde Pinnacle, and shortly after into Cata dungeons!

I average about 4.5 dungeons per hour depending on the group, but have yet to have a dedicated group of dpsers behind me so look to increase that number!

If you're interested just add me in game(Alliance side) -

I am Tranix, level 77(quickly increasing) Human Warrior :)

All the action will be streamed in HD with webcam commentary at twitch.tv/zlfreebird if there is any interest, otherwise GL HF and thanks for reading.

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