[H] LF Blacksmith.

Wyrmrest Accord
Looking for a Blacksmith Horde-side who has the Living Steel Gauntlets recipe as well as 8 Spirits of Harmony.

I've got the living steel, just need someone to whack them against an anvil until they can fit on my hands. Currently offering 2,000g for the spirits of harmony, though if Living Steel is preferred as payment, I've got a few extra bars.
Come to my server and ill make it for you Jadoth.
Unfortunately, that's a bit of a tall order :P

It's a shame you can't do cross-realm crafting.
We might be able to do business, talk to me ingame.
I'll have the Spirits needed today once the server comes back up and I get to my farm. If you can't find Jes, give me a shout.
Alright, thanks.

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