<H> Couple looking for a guild.


My girlfriend and myself are leveling characters together. I am an experienced WoW player, but have been away for two years. She has never played before and is enjoying her time, and learning quickly.

I am wanting to enhance our experience of playing WoW, with a good, friendly guild. One that isn't too concerned on End Game Raiding, that they can't let us in to have a good time as well. A helpful group of folks would be great, as she will have questions when I am not around. It won't be fun for her if people treat her like a fool for asking simple questions that she doesn't know yet because she hasn't experienced the game enough.

Thanks for your time.
Hey, i dont know how invested you are on the horde side, but we would be interested in helping y'all out, we have all the boa, and all the +exp plus helpfull people to boot!

Haytred#1922 is my btag add me and we can talk
We are going to stay with Horde. I payed to have a higher level character transferred here on Horde and my brother also plays Horde here. Its unfortunate that you would be on the other side.

Thanks for the reply.
You can give me a /w in game if you want to talk, we are always recruiting new players. We try to do a little of everything.
<Murder and Retribution> We are a very casual, yet progressive guild. We level, quest, and do randoms including heroics. We also do weekly Sha of Anger and also LFR.

Also currently seeking an off tank for our 10 man core group.
We are also avidly looking for druid/monk heals for our 10 man core group as well.

/w Myself (Pocketninja) or Sippyy for more info!

With warm regards, -Pocketninja <MaR>
I can vouch for Ondo and <Second Attempt> very nice and helpful ppl
thanks Haytred.
Guild: Ex Inferno
Server: US – Korgath PVP
Website: exinferno.com
Raiding Schedule: Weds, Thurs, Sun 8:00PM-11:00 PM CST

**About Us**
Ex Inferno was established in 2006, originally called Shadow Soldiers. Most of our players have played wow for over 3 years. We are a socially active in mumble and have a blast. We raid as a team to get progression fights down. Coaching, parsing, explanations simply stated in raids. We raid, have rbg teams, dungeons, and quest together.

**Who we are looking for**
Open recruitment for every facet of WoW.
People that enjoy the game, can take a joke, and can handle off the wall conversations. Some of us cuss like sailors, so we want people who are not easily offended.

BoT- cleared with some heroics when current
BWD- cleared with some heroics when current
T04W- cleared when current
FL- cleared when current, some heroics
DS- cleared, some heroics
MV- 4/6 Normal
HoF- 2/6 Normal

**Additional Info**
* You will be set to trial status for a period of 1 - 2 weeks could be within 2-3 days. After your trial status you will be promoted to raider.
* Loot is distributed by /roll need before greed, offspec
* We are a multi game, multi faction community with private Minecraft server.
* We use mumble and encourage everyone to join in on our random conversations.
* We are an adult only guild.

**Contact Info**
You can contact me at Aayia#1539

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