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Portal 1 + 2
diablo 2 + 3
12/03/2012 07:52 PMPosted by Belren

How are you liking it? Is it the standalone or the mod?

Standalone isn't released yet, but the mod is a lot of fun. Best to play with friends though, since playing alone isn't half as fun as playing in a tight-knit group.
Dragon Age: Origins (Oh Alistair, why can't I quit you?)
Dragon Age 2
Animal Crossing
Sims 3, Guild Wars 2 (What a beautiful game!), have the new assassins creed I keep meaning to play...
Guild Wars 2
Counter Strike (All of them, mainly Source and Global Offensive)
Dark Souls
I still dig a game of alpha centauri once in awhile. I dunno what it is about that game but I always loved it. I so wish they would make a sequel.

Also the HoMM 3 & 5 - still play a round of those every blue moon. What classics. Too bad No. 6 sucked so much.
I lost a few of my Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 discs, so I was really excited that the enhanced edition of the first game was finally released. It's kind of interesting to me that I can enjoy a fourteen year old game even more than many of the recent games that I've played, and that it just never gets old for me.
i play guild wars 2 and EvE online mostly. who am i kidding? i play both of those far more that i play WoW. might as well admit it.
Mostly just one other game for me.

Payday: The Heist.

A very arcade-y high-action co-op FPS based around all those awesome heist movies? Hell yeah!

I actually super enjoy playing a good board game. Especially if its Settlers of Catan.
Age of Empires 3, Dawn of War, Pharaoh and any other city builder. I recently found GOG.com, they have heaps of the old games reworked to be playable on new pc's, and I love revisiting old games. Most recently dl'd Creatures 3, that game is so neat!!
I'm playing Guild Wars 2. I keep meaning to download Planetside 2, but I think it will be a steep learning curve getting back into a FPS after playing RPGs for so long.
Was happy to note that at least one other sometimes plays Perfect World International, like that player I to love the music in that game as I love WoWs music, I must say though that wows lvling process, dungeons and professions are far superior to that of PWI, those that have never played PWI and think it takes TO LONG to lvl up, go play PWI for a while and you will vastly and quickly appreciate the lvling process in wow, think running a dungeon in wow is a pain with 4 others, try having to have 6 for the standard dungeon, quests in a dungeon well on PWI, if all 6 players have their FB (first battle) well guess what, dungeon has to be run 6 separate times and there is no free teleport, you pay to tele to yr dungeon or fly there.

PWI does have wow beat hands down in the customization department though. Both have qualities I enjoy and likewise both have qualities that are less than thrilling but that is normal in any on line game and that I accept. I have also played several other on line games, most have been short lived maintaining my interest for a cpl months max, console games, in all honesty, have never played a single console game.

Have accumulated approx a yr of play time over the course of 3 yrs on PWI and have yet to max a character out on it while I have accumulated 8 yrs on wow and at catas end had 5 max lvl characters, currently in wow have only this character.

When I am not in a wow mood I may pop over to PWI for a breather but invaribably I will play pwi for day or so then bk to a game that is simply better in time investment.
I really like the Civilization series and I used to be right into Neverwinter Nights - played on a server called Higher Ground.
Rarely, since I'm such a severe WoW addict.........
........on occassion, I dust off my old Vic-20 and my old Magnavox Odyssey 2 and play those. Epic classic-ness right there!
Civ 5.
Day z
and Dota (wc3 and 2 although i like the wc3 version more)

Possibly cs:go, i got it dureing the steam thanksgiving sale and havnt had a chance to play it because i also got chivalry, and its so good.
mostly nintendo games..

want to gte a wiiU but don't exactly have a lot of money to throw around right now...juts like I want a new PC so I can actually play TF2 again...or play wow on somethign other than the lowest settings...

but yeah...as far as the games go...

Project M(mod of brawl)
Galaxy 1 and 2
Metroid prime corruption.
several of the VC games i've collected on the wii over the years, mostly classic SNES games.
Twilight Princess(liked it more than SS, hated SS cuz of how they overused the MOtion controls for *everything* even when it was 10x more practical to use a joystick, swimming i'm looking at you. Finished SS and haven't touched it since and dont' have much intention to, on my 5-6th playthrough of TP.)
Mario 3Dland
metroid 2 return of samus
link's awakening.

meh ok i'll stop there, its pretty safe to say and see i'm mostly a nintendo fan, while i do have a PS2, it was strictly for the Final fantasy games for ps1 and 2, nothing more, and it rarely gets played anymore anyhow. WoW, Minecraft, and (used to play before all the updates happened that made it pretty much unplayable for me for some reason) TF2 are pretty much the only pc games i've ever really gotten into....
12/03/2012 07:45 PMPosted by Sajakain
Once in awhile I decide to play Perfect World. I absolutely adore the music in that game. I also like to play The Sims 3 when I get bored of WoW

I also play the Sims 3 on occasion. I have all current 8 expansion packs and am working on obtaining the "stuff" packs.

I'll be honest: I play it just to build houses. I don't "live" the lives. I give myself $5M and see what I can build. Once I'm done I take screenshots and probably don't touch the game for another month lol.
It's funny, because my girlfriend tried to get me into that game. I told her I'd be willing to build her house if she wanted to do everything else with the Sim. She declined; building the house is her favorite part too.
Guild Wars 2 and Firefall mostly. Plus a load of single player games that I hop around from time to time with.

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