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Paperboy 2 for SNES. I love hitting that fatso off the diving board with paper.

Secret of Mana

Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Castlevania 2

Space Quest 1-6(Roger Wilco is my hero)

Quest for Glory 1-4

Sunset Riders

Zombies Ate my Neighbors

Rock and Roll Racing( Props to Blizzard for a classic game.)

On the other hand there are game(s) that I never enjoyed and still don't. Like for example...

Hydlide for NES. Things haven't changed in two decades + cause Hydlide for NES still sucks. A classic forefather of 8-bit junk, it probably sits in many a used bin in junk stores.
I connected the most with super nintendo than I did with all other consoles.

I also like old arcade machines and almost all pin ball machines.
Games that I regularly play other than WoW (in no particular order):

- Starcraft 2
- Civilization V
- Minecraft
- SWTOR (f2p content only)
- Skyrim
- Fallout New Vegas
- Dragon Age: Origins

I'm a sucker for rpgs and replay through them constantly for kicks.

For nostalgia though I do hook up my N64 to play Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and Majora's Mask as well as Turok 1&2 on occasion. My PS2 has gotten no love in a looong time since I can play FFVII on PC now.
Should just make this a "what are you playing now?" thread.


-Mass Effect. Doing a full re-playthrough for my "definitive" adventure. Already screwed it up, but, hey, it's still fun. Most of my time is in ME3 MP, though. Been having a (dark) blast with the asari huntress.

-Torchlight 2. Just fiddling, but fun in small amounts. I like it more as I go forward.

-Guild Wars 2. Pretty game, to be sure. Mostly just play with one friend when he's around, but we have a good time. It scratches the exploration itch better than most.

-Kingdoms of Amalur. Origin finally had a sale, so snagged it cheap (PC disks have dried up online). I rather liked the demo, but the actual game is much better. Very pretty on the PC.

-Star Wars: The Old Republic. Still playing a bit. Pretty much done with it, but finishing up my jedi counsular. Going bat!@#$ dark side crazy on Belsavis is a hoot.

-Dishonored. Ahhhh, man. Just...wow.

-Halo 4. Getting ready for a more thorough playthrough.

-XCOM: Enemy Within. On my second campaign. It's got me tempted to bust out my old PSX version on my PS2.

-Borderlands 2. Play it with a couple of friends. Working on a harmony-only Maya and coming to terms with my inner gunzerker.

-Fallout: New Vegas. Pretty much done with it (360), but I have a new playthrough ongoing on the PC for the eyecandy. Still great!

-And finally...wait for it...Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance on the Gamecube. Been awhile, so this is my retro-gaming indulgence at the moment. Why the 'cube? Wireless controller. Enough said.
Paper Mario (N64) continues to be my favorite game of all time. I can never stop replaying it.
I also still play an inordinate amount of Mario Party 3.

Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I go back to them on and off. There's always more to do, more absurd mods to put in, more time to spend lying awake at night planning my post-apocalyptic lifestyle.

Oblivion/Skyrim. To me, Oblivion was the more fun game. Skyrim has breathtaking graphics and I often find myself stopping to stare at the aurora. There's tons to do and I always have fun, but for some reason, I always find myself back in Oblivion. It was the first game I bought when I got my Xbox 360 and I've just always been struck by it.

Dragon Age: Origins. 2 didn't really do it for me, but I love Origins. It seems like a game with little replayability, but I always get the urge to run through again (and smooch alistair's face).

Oh... and Zoo Tycoon. There is nothing so rewarding as letting the lions loose.
Far Cry 3 is my new addiction. But also, on occasion, BF3, Company of Heroes, and Crysis 1 + 2.
Games Im working on now?
Star Ocean The Last Hope: Just started on this and I forgot how much I enjoyed this game from way back when.

Infinite Undiscovery: Old school RPG but really good. o.o The graphics might not be the best but the storyline is neat.

Lost Odyssey: Made in 2008 and this game is STILL EPIC. <3 If you like RPGS, I highly recommend giving it a shot.
Lets see....

Just beat Dishonored. My best friend sent me New Vegas and Alan Wake to try and I just got my copy of Persona 4 Golden today. :D Plus, Ive been dying to try Assassin's Creed III and Liberation. Ive heard nadda but good things about both. Darksiders II too! Need to save up and get it....Or ask for it for Christmas. >>

In a nutshell: Action RPG adventure games. Gimme a storyline, decent graphics, good voice acting (Liam O'brian in the game is a plus. :D <3) and I am a happy gamer.
Ahh.. still love my Vic-20 and Magnavox Odyssey 2 :D (Any/all games for either system!)
Metro 2033 is free right now so I just picked that one up. Solid game so far.

Other than Metro, I'm also playing XCOM and Civ IV.
Skyrim, GW2, just picked up TSW.
My playtime is limited enough that WoW is all I play. Used to play a lot of Sims, SimCity, and Civilization.

Though I do play a lot of board/card games. Convinced my girlfriend to try Dominion - after she was able to get beyond the terrible box art, she really, really loved it. Smallworld and Ticket to Ride are also in heavy rotation.
kingdom hearts 3ds
halo 4
assassins creed 3
borderlands 2
Hello all !

I think I am one of the oldest gamers here... hehe

The games I enjoy play while I am not doing endless dailyies on wow is:

C&C Generals Zero Hour with Shockwave mod
Master of Orion 2
Everquest 2
Planetside 2
I love Dosbox, so I play the very very old games alot of times... Doom 1 and 2, X-com ufo defense [the dos version, not the new one], Civilization 1, Colonization, Terminal Velocity
I also love to play some Mame arcade games like Gyruss, Metal Slug 1,2,3,X, The King of Dragons, King of the Monsters 2...
Supreme Commander Forged Alliance
Borderlands 2
I also like to play alot Genesis emulator, games like Hellfire, Thunder Force 3 and Gaiares. Atari emulator I enjoy Adventure and River raid... lol....

So much more that I dont remember the names right now...

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