481 ilvl prot warrior LF raiding guild

I recently transferred one of my characters to Kil'jaeden and like the server, so I am looking to move my main here. I have been tanking for the guild I am currently in for the past 2 years, but after getting a new job, starting at 11pm and getting up at 7am isn't working out for me. I'd like to get into a group that starts at or after 7:00 pm to make sure I can always make raid times. I am currently 4/6 nMSV, and have studied fights for all of tier 14. I'm a quick learner and take constructive criticism well. If you'd like to talk to me more, post in this thread or hit up my battletag: bakob#1519.
I sent u a B-Tag request, We are Looking for Tank asap
1/6 hm MV
2/6 Hof
0/4 Toes

We have been together about a mOnth this exp and should progress alot more.... Hit me up or any officers in the Guild congratulations

Raid Times:
Tues-Thurs (monday is a clean up)
6:30-9:30 Server

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