Lui V3 help?

UI and Macro
It shows that my scripts are colliding in my lui v3. Especially with my dbm core (idk why) help? I use a mac.
Sorry..wrong thread:)
What exactly do you mean by "colliding"? Do you get any errors?

If it's a problem with LUI itself, you may want to post on the LUI forum:
I mean when I turn on my dbm and attack a monster, a GIANT Error frame appears on my screen and all I can do is just move it out of the way to where it wouldnt effect my performence alot. It shows that the error comes from the DBM core, but I downloaded the newest one and now im stuck wondering on why it is doing the error thing
what's the error code, you should be able to copy paste it.
nvm I found out why it wasnt working. The DBM wasnt the right updated one

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