The Little Things

So yesterday I decided to finish off getting to Revered with the Prince after I noticed that the Alliance defenders on the beach by the Alliance 5.1 quest hub have a pretty good drop rate for motes (at least relative to how fast they can be killed)

Anyways, I quickly discovered that I could mess with the opposing faction by keeping healing rains down on my own faction's troops and using Chain Lightning-Conductivity off the enemies nearby, allowing me to handily outheal any AoE dps most players were capable of outputting. Since NPCs don't count towards the heal target cap, If I do, say 300k total damage with a chain lightning, that applies 150k healing to ALL the NPCs standing in my Healing Rain.

Anyway, I'd make a little game (lol) out of following around other players and trying to keep all my own faction's troops up until all the enemy targets I could fit in the Healing Rain were dead.

It got me thinking, what are the other sorts of Shaman-specific little perks or quirks that make you pause for a moment and say, "Hmm..."
thunderstorm + cliff + enemy player = one of those glorious ''little things''
Not exactly Shaman-specific, but one of my absolute favorite things to do in Cata was heal the elite daily quest mob in the Twilight Highlands while someone tried to solo him. Honestly, this sounds even more entertaining.

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