Light's Hammer (deploy on hotkey)

UI and Macro
I played some guild wars awhile back and I remember they had a feature in that the game where you could toggle whether or not ground based AoE's required a click of the mouse. When selected it would automatically deploy the ability directly where your mouse was at the time you hit the hot key.

As a Paladin I'd find I'd use Light's Hammer more if I could skip that microsecond or half second to deploy the sucker. Is there a macro that makes this possible?

Thank you
No. Unless blizz gives the spell itself that option (like the glyphed/unglyphed consecration), there is no way for UI to do this for you and to try and cheese it would be bannable anyway as you're attempting more than one action in a single click which is a no no.
Really unfortunate. I really dislike all the ground based AoE's because they're so much slower than my other abilities. I know it's just a second or maybe a half second but I feel it all the time and it just makes me avoid these spells. :/
You might want to make it a suggestion then on General forums or class ones, wherever it's appropriate, and ask it as a glyph possibility at least.

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