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Speaking of eyes....human females.....they just creep me out.

Depends. Some of them look hella attractive.
All I want is different Undead types to choose from other than Human.
I would love a leaner body type option for human males - something similar to what Wrathion uses would be great.
Better hairstyles with a higher poly-count. Wildhammer Tattoo skin and Dark Iron skin.

For males:Beards with physics.
For females: changing the model so our breasts don't flop around so much in Mail and Plate armor.

More Tusk options. Forest Trolls as an alternate skin/model.

Males: Goatees like the kind Vol'jin has.
Females: Blinking eyes and a better running animation.

Facial tattoos like the ones depicted in concept art. Fel eyes that appear to be burning with fel energy

Higher poly-count models

Males: Facial hair option that includes eyebrows without a beard
- Druids becoming like DKs with their eyes (At least for the Night Elves) - women can have gold, men can have silver
- Height Options
- Custimizations for the how battered the ears are for the races where they're large (Elves, trolls, tauren)
- Choose how rotted your forsaken is!
- Earrings for everyone!
- Human women looking human and not having a wonky torso:leg length or whatever it is they have going on
- Worgen and Panda women getting love and more face options, even though they're new
- Tauren with the ability to look different besides fur color.
- The option to keep the creepy square male dwarf irsises. Only in high poly-count
12/12/2012 09:22 PMPosted by Zombette
All I want is different Undead types to choose from other than Human.

Not going to happen. Forsaken are meant to be the fallen of Lordaeron.
I want Night Elf eyes to look more like Blood Elf eyes as well. Instead of these orbs that float outside of our eyes, I want the actual eye to glow itself with the shape of the eye visible instead of that weird round orb look it gives to our eyes.

But mostly I want night elves to have the black talons you see in some of their concept art and on Tyrande and Illidan's new models.
i would like to see Berzerker trolls, the beefy versions that are in game but not playable.

dwarves i would like to see the tattoo skins available

undead i would like to see some more diversity/no hunch version

humans, anything other than the ultra roid rage guys.

orcs... keep them.

tauren... give me a spirite walker model for casters. i want a white weird looking caster.
- Less hunched Forsaken.
- Talons would be cool for Night Elves.
- Tattoos for Dwarves. In fact, whatever is required to be able to make a dwarf of any affiliation (bronzebeard/wildhammer/dark ion).
- Orcs like Thrall. The non-hunched ones.
- Skinner humans.
Can we at least have the Forsaken characters stop showing bony elbows and knees through torn shirts and pants? It's not the bones I quibble with, it's the shirts and pants torn at the knees and elbows. That distinction ruins a lot of armor sets, leggings specially.

If the point of showing bony knees and elbows through torn armor is to be able to differentiate the Forsaken from the other races, then let me assure you that once all the armor and tabard are put on, a Blood Elf looks like a Night Elf, both of whom also look like a Human.

One possible look for Forsaken would be the sewn-together look. Instead of having obvious bony parts when they're naked, they look marbled with different colored spots.
Hum. I rather like female human models, except that they're almost always smiling. Where are the menacing looks for them?

Troll females, yes, need to blink, as well as look less stiff.

Female night elves need to stop bouncing.

And... that's all I have to share.
Tauren need to stop scratching their haunches when they're idle.
12/13/2012 05:49 AMPosted by Bullcowsby
Tauren need to stop scratching their haunches when they're idle.

idk, I'll miss it if it goes away.
All races should get a butt-scratch idle, tbh. The world is entirely too negative when it comes to matters of itching buttocks.
Well if everyone did it then I wouldn't feel like I'm playing some dirty, smelly, wet-dog of a mangy beast.

Which I am... I just don't want to be reminded of it :p
As a female Draenei, I want the arm and chest muscles I’ve earned over all these years of fighting evil . . . and definitely a straighter back.

The Gnome models are troubling to me. They look too much like babies or toddlers: very large heads, long torsos, and very short legs. There’s no reason they shouldn’t have proportions much closer to an adult human, and just be very tiny. With slightly longer legs in proportion to a more slender torso, the running animation could be less of a painful crippled waddle. They could still have the cuteness factor, the large eyes, the whimsical hair, and the large round ears.

I don’t want realistic models for the characters. I like the cartoonish fantasy look.
Mag'har skins, Wildhammer/Dark Iron Skins, etc

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