1-600 Professions Leveling Kits!

I would like an Engineering kit made please :)
Sorry all but right now I'm very busy right now with real life and will be unable to get kits out in a reasonable time. Current wait time is going to be 3-5days.
I need a 1-600 engineering kit on horde
looking to buy JC and Enchanting on horde add matt#1249 on B tag
He hasnt been on in 10 days, he either got burned out or something happened to him. Either way I hope hes ok :)

1-600 Engineering Kit
1-600 Blacksmithing Kit
WTB JC and BS kits.

Battletag: Chaodin#1213
sent u a bt request!
Alright everyone! I am back and I am casually playing! I'm not 100% sure I am going to get back into this but If enough people are looking for kits I might consider! Same rules apply! Contact me if you are interested here or Ingame!

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