dont give up!

elemental is still fun guys they can never take that away!
It is fun but I'm starting to lose hope. Other class's abilities simply put anything I have to utter shame.

It's actually pretty shocking that imbalances this bad are still in the game.
im not gonna lie we are pretty gimped, something should be done but until then this is still my main
12/04/2012 03:53 AMPosted by Stormdeath
they can never take that away!

well now you've just challenged them. thanks for that
I love my shaman but lately its just boring compared to my spriest. We need something that mixes it up a bit more and makes us less turrety.
I find it really depressing when I'm forced to use trinket then immediately get a full silence right afterwards and can do absolutely nothing during the process.

I can't help but think that nerf we had was personal. We didn't get any compensation or nothing. Just a hulking fist to the face.
12/04/2012 03:53 AMPosted by Stormdeath
elemental is still fun guys they can never take that away!

Spawn lay totem cast flame shock cast lava.... interrupted.. recast lavabur.... silenced... dead.
rinse repeat.

Not sure where the fun is in that?
*watches as blizzards nerfs fun for elementals* v_v
there are actually eles/enh who have made over 2k rating its not impossible guys, thats this season too
stay posi aye
12/04/2012 05:24 AMPosted by Lsx
Just wondering, what is fun about spamming 2-3 buttons? Destro and Demo are boring as hell and that's all I do...

its just an amazing feeling to see 5 lavabursts from one cast shows enh dmg in 10 man normal mop raids as top 5 from oct to dec this year. thats nothing to look down at. throw in some well timed off healing and maybe prevent a wipe or two, or maybe a tremor totem drop and our worth in any raid is at least as valuable as whichever class is topping the dps charts this week

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