What classification do Sha fall under?

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So in the WoW universe we have humanoids, beasts, elementals, undead, and demons. Which catagory do Sha fall under? I want to say elemental, but I can't help wonder if they are demonic and connected to the Burning Legion somehow /tinfoil hat. Any thoughts on this?
Sha are explicitly stated to be connected to the Old God Y'shaarj. In 5.1, most Old God-related creatures are defined as "Abberations" but Sha are actually classified as "Elementals" in-game, most likely because they are beings of pure negative emotion.
The Sha are considered elementals. They're not demonic in origin, but rather the remnants of an Old God named Y'Shaarj, which was destroyed by the titans.

There's some quest text (I think associated with August Celestial dailies at the Temple of the Jade Serpent) that says that the shas' masks allow them to maintain a connection to this world. This has some parallels to elementals and their bracers. I think that it is also implied - and if not, it probably could be inferred - that the sha therefore have their own realm (similar to the elemental planes).
Old God cigarette smoke.
They are a new breed of Hydralisk. Gonna need more Carriers for this one guys.
They are....very powerful negative emotions and cannot be controlled.

In game classification, there are both ones called Elementals and ones called Demons.

But in lore, they're neither.

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