Hello, I was wondering how this server was to xfer a small guild too. Our current server only had 37k people total between both factions and alliance is on the low end so it is pretty dead. Just wanted to know how pvp and rbgs were. I know the pve is good. Any info would help, thanks.
PvE and PVP are great here. World PvP not so much since you can count the entire horde population on your fingers :p . Pugs seem to do well. However if your guild isn't full I wouldn't recommend it. My guild transferred here at MoP launch and we didn't have 10/10 raiders. Needless to say we are STILL trying to recruit. Sargeras is full of small guilds with long histories together. None of them are willing to merge, or join other guilds and hope they same thing my guild hopes; to recruit more members. It's a strange paradigm but if you'd like to be part of it feel free to join our madness!
Other than the horrible crap above the "A" you have one of the best monk names. Amazing movie too. Some of the best fight scene's I have ever seen!
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