Mana burn

Hey blizzard, can we please get mana burn back? Pleaseeeee?
We still have mana burn, we cast spells and our mana gets burned.
11/19/2012 08:49 PMPosted by Jessqt


Every single healing class has insane mana regen... to the point that mana doesn't even matter.

Priests are the only healer spec/class that actually uses mana/has mana issues. Mana burn was always the equalizer. After its removal the mana problems priests have are far more apparent.
Not true. Monk healing has some pretty decent mana issues as well.
I'd maybe be okay with it being Disc (and maybe Holy)-only.

Shadow really doesn't need it at all.
i miss it
I for one am thrilled that it's gone though I haven't run any arena this season and as such haven't truly basked in the glory that is 'no more mana burn'.

I disliked mana burn for all the reasons that dispels were changed. It was unappealing game play. I spent the majority of fights spamming mana burn and dispels because I was required to do so to play my class effectively. I prefer a more offensive disc priest and while I do miss ending an AV with 1463 dispels thanks to mass dispel spam these changes make the roll of pvp priest significantly more attractive; dispels were given a lengthy cd and mana burn was no longer the right spell for a game of this nature.

Good riddance and goodbye mana burn.
The issue with mana burn is that it is either too powerful leading to the annoying gameplay requirement to use it constantly or you're doing it wrong or its complete weak-sauce in which case if you are using it you are doing it wrong. This removed the element of choice from players as it was either a greater priority than creating pressure with dots or straight nuking a target or wasn't even on the table because it had no impact.
lol, when the news came that you were losing MB...priests were like "W/ez, we don't need it!" and now that you see that you were carried with one spell, it's all QQ's.
I think it comes back to the mana efficiency argument Lureilya brings up. Currently Priests are the least mana efficient healing class in the game. Our core spells like, PW:S, Flash Heal, Mending, GH,as disc are extremely expensive in relation to their effectiveness.

They used to be offset by things like inner focus, Pennance etc. But the dps outputs at 90 are so high and the CD's for these two spells are so long that they aren't very effective.

Not to mention the blatant dispel nurf and complete removal of mana burn. Give us our efficiency or give us an advantage with dispel and mana burn. There just seems to be no saving grace with priests
I've never had a problem with mana in MoP

And Mana burn was a bad an unbalanced spell. I was sick and tired of being invited to a group just to mana burn things.

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