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Wiped 30 times on him today, got a few 4-5% but no dice.

Any tips? We use 3 healers, much appreciated

edit: logs, though it probably won't help much http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-k0vhlpliz00i94od/?s=14061&e=14422
Correct me if I'm wrong, but i was under the impression you should only be using 2 healers for 10 man.
I don't know, gm and officers insisted on using 3 healers
2 Healing is probably scary especially for a first kill because dk dolls take more burst damage it also makes managing downstairs much harder as often you have one healer with dolls and one healer with frail soul and a tank down there who needs help killing his adds.

Make sure your warrior is specced for safeguard and using it on the dk for the special hits so your dolls take less burst its stupidly overpowered for this fight, make sure hes using demo banner and rallying cry appropriately as well.

Remind your tanks that when not the active tank they can taunt the boss to receive vengeance and increase their dps, throw away any stamina trinkets if you can and use a str flask stamina us completely usless.

Other then that its really just trying to maximise your boss dps as much as you can.

I havent actually killed the boss as dps on this toon only tanked it on my warrior alt hopefully those few tips will help a little bit though.
It's hard for me to tell how much damage your disc priest does from those logs, but it should be a fairly high number. Any time the disc priest is up with another healer, unless that healer is nearly out of mana or really needs help, they should be smiting. Atonement heals combined with the other healer doing work should be plenty pre-20% enrage, then just use pw:s for spikes along with pom as needed. When you first come up, you can use spirit shell, but it won't be needed every time if your other healers are decent. Because mana is nearly infinite on this fight, the priest can drop several thousand spirit in favor of int/haste/crit to get more smite dps in as well.
2 heal, solves your enrage issue.
11/19/2012 11:16 PMPosted by Postonforums
2 heal, solves your enrage issue.

^^ that's what we did, got it 2 pulls after switching.
going 2 heals fixed it, thanks for the suggestions
Silly DK. You have no warlock! That's your problem.
Ugh what is your dk tanking doing so that people arent getting raped by doll damage
Necro with a relevant question
11/19/2012 11:16 PMPosted by Postonforums
2 heal, solves your enrage issue.

Until your healer has voodoo dolls and the other can't enter due to having the debuff from just coming back.

Edit: Argh, necro thread.
we 3 healed it and killed it so there should be no reason you cant 3 heal it especially if you're getting sub 10% wipes
I think I'm spoiled by our dps...
We've been 3 healing this fight since back in October (and no, we didn't have a disc priest).

But grats! If 2 healing worked for you, that's great. You may want to think about switching to 3 heals later on though since there's no RNG involved if you have 3 healers.

EDIT: and just noticed this is somewhat of a necro... BLEH!

@TheDKWhoNecro'd this

The physical damage from Gara'jal shouldn't be a problem as long as you maximize your use of DS to mitigate the hits with your shields (don't worry about healing yourself, just build as large of Blood Shields as you can). The main source of damage for you is probably the attacks from the minions, those are magic so you should time your usage of AMS and AMZ around when there's a lot of minions alive (like shortly before the next group of people head down to clear them out).

Other than that, you need to be planning out when you're going to use your CDs and try to keep some sort of CD up at all times; coordinate with your healers for when they will use their CDs on you too. If you are maximizing personal CDs, AMZ, AMS, and healer cooldowns on yourself, and STILL are having burst damage problems... then it's probably an issue with the raid not clearing out the minions in the spirit realm effectively.

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