Sunsong Ranch - Switching Specs

Bug Report
Every time I'm in Sunsong Ranch and I switch from primary to secondary spec, all of my crops disappear.

This is quite annoying especially as a tank. Tank being my main spec, I usually fly into Sunsong Ranch to start harvesting my crops. After doing so, I have to kill things. So I go to switch into my DPS spec and everything disappears. So I have to zone out / back in to make everything reappear.

This has been a bug for some time, I figured you guys would eventually fix this. I thought maybe the devs are unaware. Unlikely, but just in case wanted to get the word out.

One request - For the new challenge modes (if/when), give us epic, matching weapons/shields for the current Gold challenge mode gear.

Thanks. :D
Yep this happens to me also...a simple relog will have them respawn, but a little annoying.

If you guys could fix this would be appreciated! thanks!
As of patch 5.1 the Sunsong Ranch still despawns all untilled/tilled soil patches and plants you have when you switch specs.

Relogging or leaving Sunsong Ranch far away enough (to the market is far enough) and then returning will bring the crops and soil patches back.

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