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Earthen Ring
The Illuminati was founded on August 15,2008. We are a friendly guild with raiding, pvp, achievement and guild events and are looking to recruit more members. Specifically, we are looking to fill out our raid team, but welcome anyone interested.

If you are a player who enjoys a friendly guild atmosphere full of fun events and raiding, we might be right for you.

We are looking for committed raiders who want to raid in a fun environment where there are still high expectations of our raiders. We raid 2 evenings a week (Saturday and Sunday). Please apply by going to our website ( and the "Recruitment" link at the the top of the page or you can contact an officer via for more information. Or contact Rhodaria, Graystreak/Leam, or Cantique in game.
Neckbeard is looking to make a grp 2 10m...gogo?
11/20/2012 10:35 AMPosted by Rezi
Neckbeard is looking to make a grp 2 10m...gogo?

Don't corrupt them!

I like the Illuminati :(
corrupt them with awesome hoping someone on this server is ambitious enough
Looking for some DPS
I support this post! :)

For raiding we need a tank and a few dps never hurt.
bored mage looking for weekend team with my ally mage liljewelz

We need people to come deeps deeper with us.

Msg me or Leam if interested.
I would but I don't deeps D:
12/31/2012 08:33 PMPosted by Shàdylol
I would but I don't deeps D:

Yeah I heard that about you....
It's all lies.

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