Garalon and Hand of Purity

Bug Report
Hand of Purity does not work on Pheromones.
Wording for Pheromones states it as an every 2 second effect.
That sure sounds like a periodic effect.

[20:20:23.438] Mission casts Hand of Purity on Leishmania
[20:20:23.688] Leishmania gains Hand of Purity from Mission
[20:20:24.959] Unknown Pheromones Leishmania 54000
[20:20:24.999] Unknown Pheromones Mission 49193 (A: 4807)
[20:20:26.860] Unknown Pheromones Leishmania 56000
[20:20:26.860] Unknown Pheromones Mission 53667 (A: 2333)
[20:20:28.900] Unknown Pheromones Leishmania 55655 (A: 2345)
[20:20:28.930] Unknown Pheromones Mission 55710 (A: 2290)
[20:20:29.720] Mission's Hand of Purity fades from Leishmania
Just a guess, but this might be intended so that people don't bring a load of paladins specifically for this fight.

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