AH Button Missing

Website Bug Report
Hi the AH Coin sack Icon is missing from the drop down arrow next to my name,

I can still access the remote AH on the website via a bookmark I made but it would be great If I could get this button back,

I run Chrome - Windows 7 x64
I also had addblock plus running so I disabled it and I get the same bug, I also get the same bug in IE so I believe it must be an issue at your end.

I'm having the same problem with the remote AH link icon not showing up. The only ones showing up are profile, view my posts, and events. The problem persists across Chrome and IE, and I concur in the believe that the problem is on your end Blizz.

I have the same problem! Where did my Auction link go!?!

I have the same problem on my home computer and at work.
Been a week now and this is still happening??
This was a bug introduced with other updates last week. We'll be fixing it tomorrow.

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