Armory - conquest cap calculator outdated

Website Bug Report
The conquest value calculator that is used on the pvp section of a character profile on the armory is using the old data rather than the new cap
I wanted to bring up this issue as well =]
Is there any known calculators on any other site that is currently up to date?
An update tomorrow afternoon should correct these calculators.

After tomorrow afternoon please let me know if they are still off.
Interesting Peratyrn.

Does this mean the forums will go down for this or is it something thats hotfixable while the forum servers are live ?

Or is the forum system run on a separate system that shouldn't be touched by the update ?
The calculator fix is in place for the us, so try it out, I might have gotten some numbers wrong so please let me know if it's not fixed. Other regions going out now.

This was just a normal maintenance website deploy so no downtime for anything.

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