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7-0 RBG run with a great win vs. a KJ Horde team.

We still need a reliable, solid Frost Mage / Warlock for our 1750+ RBGs!

7:30pm to 11:00pm+ server time every Weds night.
Changed thread title for mage and lock.
BRB, leveling a lock. :P
Locks are very shady characters.
Locks are very shady characters.

Locks can be picked.
Mah bumps mah bumps mah lovely dk bumps.
And you can't get none unless you got buns hun,
Now do the shigglz w meh! na na na na, na na, hmmm hmmm
Aww yeeeah!
Shigglz out!
*drops mic*
I have pvp gears kinda.
5.3 PVP changes look cool to me.
They would look cool to you, you former dragon slayer you!
They should be even cooler to you, you current dragon slayer you!
every nice RBG week

Reserved for keylogs head.
As in, you want to see my beautiful face or you want it displayed like Ned Stark's?
My lock is almost leveled and will be geared soon!
Friendly bump much respect
keep doing what you guys are doing
PFFFSHHHHH! Incline dumbbell press with the 110 lbs dumbbells. 3 sets of 10. Supersetted with lateral raises. No problem.


Bump bump bump bump bump bump!
Haven't been to the gym since I got out of the Air Force.


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