[A] <SWBRB> LFM Rated BGs, Premades & Arena

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/recruitment post go puff up on another thread and show some class!
Kyo still hugging SWBRBs nuts lol

I tell you waht though I enjoyed the WPvP last night, Kyo and a couple of nerds are terrorizing Allys at Golden Stair, I bring a group, wipe you repeatedly, then aredone wipes us at your vendor, then we goof around, then wipe you some more, etc. Was a good time. I bet your !@# wont forget that turtle shell item next time though you died to it like 4 times lol.
I miss you Kyo and remember our defense of South Dun Baldar fondly.

Bump for good times!
Great RBGs last night
dat PvP guild
9-2 in Rated BGs over the last few days. Great work all!
o hai
Bumpy bumps for daily RBG runs.
bump for Two Moons & Horde vendor ownage.
Nice delete there.

Btw, it was very good world pvp tonight and Ruinous/SWBRB/Legion represented us well.

Also, bump for SWBRB.

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