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Great guilds deserve to be on page one. Get there, GO!!!!
So we did a guild premade AV last night.

We went for Blitz, wiped and ended up with a Stormpike HK farm. Win all around.

Grats Rawr for leading the BG with 560 HKs!
How dare everyone for letting this get to page two again.
Bump for a bunch of awesome people =)
Bump for early morning Vendor PVP with Sorrow and Yeezi :D
Bow chika bow wow!
Page one GO!!!!!
This thread will BRB...to page 1.
Awesome RBGs last night! Seeing some real progression.
What is this RBG thing you speak of?
01/11/2013 10:36 AMPosted by Dãncer
Who want's some sugar!

I DO I DO : )
You know now that I think about it I never made an appearance in an SWBRB threa- oh look here I am! :D! *throws murlocs and pokeballs*
I doth bumpeth thine forum post
Joind US

Fear the bunny!
Epic bump of destiny!

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